U.S. Presidential Poster

Lucia Jauregui

Formal Qualifications

  1. At least 35 years old
  2. A Native- born Citizen
  3. Resident for the past 14 years.

Roles Of Presidents

  • Head of State
  • Commander-in-Chief of military
  • Chief Executive of Federal Bureaucracy.

Expressed Powers of The President

The Expressed Powers of the President are those that are specifically stated in The Constitution. The Expressed Powers of the President are detailed in Article 2 of The United States Constitution.

Inherent Powers of The President

  • Executive Agreements - Executive Agreements are not binding on Presidents unless they are authorized by Congress.
  • Executive Orders - Executive Orders are legally binding orders given by the President. Are generally used to direct federal agencies/officials.

How Can The President Check The Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch ?

  • Checks and Balances

The President appoints all Federal Judges.

The Legislative Branch must approve all appointments that the President makes.

The Senate must approve treaties that the President makes; and the Legislative Branch may investigate the Executive Branch.

22nd Amendment

Congress passed the amendment on March 21st, 1947. The 22nd amendment sets a term limit for election and overall time of service.

25th Amendment

In case of the removal of the President from office or of his/ her death or resignation, the Vice President becomes President.

Expansion and Contraction of Presidential Power

* Executive Privilege

*Line-Item Veto

* Pocket Vetoes

- War Powers Act


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