South American Medicines

By: Blaine Martin, Logan Rhinehart, and Braiden McKinney

Giant Monkey Frog

The giant monkey frog has saliva that can "reset" your body. It is used to help any imbalance in your hormones or body.


There are a lot of medicines in the rainforests from plants and animals that can cure aleneses of all kind from a rash to cancer.

Medicinal drinks

Do you want to see all these medicines go away. So many people would die if these medicines were gone


This is a climbing plant in the maple family. It can help with strokes and heart attacks.
Discovering New Drug Therapies in the Amazon Rainforest

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1. Dyk what a rainforest is? 16- yes 4- no

2. Dyk where the largest rainforest is? 12- yes 8- no

3. Where is it? 11- knew 1- didn't

4. Dyk what animals are in the rainforest 18- yes 2- no

5. Dyk what animals are ilendabgered? 8- yes 12- no

6. Dyk the % of oxygen produced in the rainforest? 2- yes 18- no

7. Dyk how many medicines from the rainforest? 20- no

8. Dyk what a shaman is? 20- no

9. Dyk the rainforest is being destroyed? 20- yes

10. Which medicines fight cancer cells? 2- knew 18- didn't