Essentially Growing & Sharing

July 2014

July is here!

Hello, I hope that this email finds you enjoying every minute of your summer! It sure is hard to believe that July is already here! decided to put our team training call into an email format this month so please take the time to read through it as it does contain some informative and fun ideas for teaching classes this month. Remember that July 31st ends our team promotion of being able to earn a free diffuser with 8 people in attendance at a class. Share this opportunity with family and friends, with an $89 value this is THE way to get one! And more importantly, be sure that you are taking the opportunity to get one for yourself too, my hope is that the class ideas below will make it easy to do so!

Thank you for your time and have a safe and happy Fourth of July...don't forget to pack your Terrashield for the fireworks!!!

Upcoming Team Training

I would love to personally chat with each of you about your goals with doTERRA and how I can support you. If you would like my support I would love to include you in a weekly one-on-one call, please email, FB or text me that you'd like that and we'll set up a 15-minute appointment each week to discuss your vision and how we'll get there! Please don't hesitate to contact me anytime!


Sunday, Aug. 3rd, 12:30-3pm

799 W Broadway

Granville, OH

Laura and Shawn King host this annual Potluck for all doTERRA Wellness Advocate's. There will be food (bring a side dish to share), games and fun for both children and adults along with the opportunity to meet lots of great people! Be sure to come, I'd love to spend the afternoon with you and your family!