Happy Holidays

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Dear Parents

We had a busy month full of activities. We started the month by going to our holiday shop. We had a great time shopping around. Students in pk4.1 were practicing really hard for our Mother's Day show. During the show we sang many songs such as: I love my mommy, Bingo(Mommy), You are my Sunshine, Spanish Poem and I wish you well song/dance. We finished our mother's day activity by playing bingo and guess what!!! our winner was Maria Fernanda (Eva’s mom). We also gave you a gift and a certificate made by your kids. THANK YOU also for making a beautiful Holiday Party for all the children. It is priceless to see their smiles and see them enjoy. Special thanks to our homeroom mom Mrs.Yuli and all the mommies who made this happen.

What an exciting field trip to Auto Trend we had on Thursday!!!!! We enjoyed our Wheel unit. Special thanks to Mr. Musa Yaffar for teaching us so many new things about wheels. We also celebrated this special event by eating some yummy popsicles. The children enjoyed a morning full of fun riding their own type of wheel and watching a video that taught us everything about safety rules and street signals. It was gratifying to watch them have so much fun! Thank you to the moms who joined us and helped us out during this morning’s trip.

Thank you to every single parent for your constant support. I feel so happy to know that we can count on such a great group of parents!

Happiest of Holidays to each and every one, wish you and your family the best always.

Ms. Duby

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Hope you all enjoy your Holiday Break, and we'll see everyone back, well rested and ready to learn on Wednesday, January 13th!

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Home Activities for the Holidays!

Holidays are special time to be with your family, but you can always incorporate fun activities to keep encouraging letter recognition and number.

Number Hunt: This is a number recognition game for home! It is super fun and easy. You just need POST-IT and a marker, and write on each post-it a number. Put the Post-its around your house and have your child recognize the numbers around home. You can also use your English and say: Can you tell me what number is on the chair? What number is on the refrigerator? You can also do the same activity using letters/letter sounds :)

I strongly believe in reducing screen time, but if your child will be using the IPAD I suggest the following apps:

1. Alphabetic makes identifying letters a game for your child as they have to search for letters A through Z while the letters spin around on the screen and before time runs out.

2.ABC Spy challenges children to create their own ABC experience by taking photos for each letter of the alphabet — take a photo, choose a frame, give it a name. Then make a movie of all your photos to share with friends and family!

3.Alphabetical Order challenges children to put the letters in order as well as to match upper and lower case letters, and to match the letters to their sounds.

4.Starfall ABCs displays each letter in upper and lowercase and then shows how the letters are used in sentences. Children can also play letter games, such as word mazes.

5.Count Sort Match

6.Math is Fun Ages 4-5

7.Park Math

8.Butterfly Math

Mother's Day /Tea Party

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