Mrs. Sherman

4th Grade Reading Newsletter

September 19-23

Teacher In-Service Day

Wednesday, September 21

The Boxcar Children

The Honeybee Mystery

The Boxcar Children #15

The Honeybee Mystery

Written by: Gertrude Chandler Warner

Genre: Mystery

We began reading The Honeybee Mystery today in class! The students really enjoyed getting to know the characters and trying to "guess" what the mystery will be! This should be a very enjoyable unit for the students as we take a step back from our normal routine to enjoy reading our first chapter book of the school year!

  • This unit will last three weeks.
  • We will read all (or most) of the book in class either aloud, in groups, or by whisper reading.
  • Students are allowed to take their books home. However, they must bring them to class on a daily basis.
  • Students received a "Comprehension Activities" packet today in class. After reading each chapter, they will be given the opportunity to complete the questions in class. As long as they use their time wisely, this should not be homework.
  • Vocabulary will be introduced daily as it is introduced in each chapter. Students have a vocabulary booklet that they will complete along the way. The vocabulary test is scheduled for Thursday, October 6th.
  • Spelling tests will continue to take place on Thursdays. However, there will not be a reading test on Fridays during this unit.

Word Work Week #7


don’t = do not

won’t = will not

wouldn’t = would not

there’s = there is

we’re = we are

you’re = you are

doesn’t = does not

I’ve = I have

here’s = here is

wasn’t = was not

shouldn’t = should not

couldn’t = could not

where’s = where is

hadn’t = had not

aren’t = are not

they’re = they are

it’s = it is

we’ve = we have

when’s = when is

haven’t = have not

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How can I study?

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