Wayside School Gets A Little

Stranger by:Louis Sachar

Wayside school

Will the kids survive the school year without Mrs. Jewls, or not?


Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger is a book about a 30 story school with one classroom on each floor, but there is no 19th floor. One of the best teachers named Mrs. Jewls leaves the school to have a baby and all sorts of really strange substitutes come. None of the students like any of the substitutes because they all act very strange. At the end of the book Mrs. Jewls comes back and still more strange things happen, but even though it was very strange the students were happy to see her.

Product Details

*Age range: 8-12 years

*Grade level: 3-6

*Paperback: 168 pages

*Publisher: HarperCollins; Reissue edition (September 2, 2003)

*Language: English

Best Quotes from Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger

"An elephant never forgets, " muttered Louis.

"No wonder she put a trash can on his head!" said Todd.

"Only Santa knows the answers to those questions," said Rondi

Editorial Review

Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger is a funny and odd book about a class that needs a substitute teacher. Mrs.Jewls is a really nice teacher who is off having a baby. Mr. Gorf who is a substitute has three nostrils that snorted all the kid's voices. Jane Smith another substitute has an ear on top of her head that can read people's minds. Louis is a very kind school helper and supervisor who likes to play with the kids. Todd is a friendly student that all of the kids like. Mac and John are students that like to make kids laugh. Jenny brought her dog to school during pet day. This is a great book for grades 3-6. It is funny and easy to read.