Sandia Vista Elementary

Principal Monthly Newsletter

Note from Mr. DeSoto

I would like to start off by thanking all the members of our Sandia Vista community for your encouragement and support as we began the school year. We all have been working each day to ensure the best possible experience not only for our students but also our families as well. Each day brings challenges and the staff of SVE shine in meeting the needs of everyone on campus.

As we roll into September I would like to take a moment to also thank everyone for their patience and kindness as we continue to explore options to speed up our car rider pickup system. The Staff and myself are evaluating all suggestions that are put forth.

Students' safety is our #1 priority. We are following the guidelines and directions from the RRPS Safety and Security team regarding drop off / pickup procedures according to our facility design.

This is my first experience utilizing an online newsletter to parents so please bear with me as I continue to build the best possible solution for meeting your needs as a community. If there is a piece of information that you would like to see in this letter feel free to send me an email suggestion.

Instructional Corner

This year your students are learning a new English Language Arts curriculum called Amplify CKLA. They are learning many new topics in August such as Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Fables, Classic Tales, and Personal Narratives. We are very excited about this new learning and encourage you to read the parent letters that go home provided by the curriculum. These parent letters have information on what your students are learning, suggestions on how to help at home, and extra practice for your students who are willing.

We are still using the wonderful curriculum, Eureka Math and HMH Science. This month, your students learned all about numbers to 10, sums and differences to 10, sums and differences to 100, properties of multiplication and division, place value and rounding, and decimal fractions.

We are excited to be back in school and learning new things every day!

Attendance For Success Policy

Please reference policies and procedures for attendance by clicking the button below.

Just to remind:

  • There are no excused absences for vacation.
  • Calling in a student does not automatically excuse the absence. Please remember in order for an absence to be excused we must receive verification of attendance from a medical provider.
  • Please be as specific as possible when reporting an absence on the attendance line to ensure the absence is recorded correctly.

Counselor's Corner

We are excited to tell you that we will be using a program called PurposeFull People this year. This program teaches skills that will help students be successful in school and in life.

We believe that students should have safe, predictable places to learn where they feel included. Students should have healthy and helpful connections with teachers and classmates. They should also experience learning that will help them tackle challenges inside and outside of school. PurposeFullPeople is more than a set of lessons - it is a partnership between schools and families to create a place where students feel like they belong and learn skills that will help them be the best they can be!

Purposefull People has three main goals for students: Be Kind, Be Strong, and Be Well.

● Be Kind: Social skills like listening, friendship, solving conflicts, and leadership.

○ These skills are taught alongside Empathy, Respect, & Cooperation

● Be Strong: Skills that help students focus, stay organized, and set goals.

○ These skills are taught alongside Responsibility, Courage, & Perseverance

● Be Well: Skills that help students handle their emotions and deal with stress.

○ These skills are taught alongside Gratitude, Honesty, & Creativity

This year, you’ll be invited to join the fun! We will send letters home about the skills and strengths being taught each month. Each letter will include some ways to build these skills at home, discussion starters, and fun challenges you can try with your family. The path forward is full of growth! We cannot wait to partner with you in this work…

● To teach students how to build strong friendships

● To work together to solve problems, big and small

● To grow skills for life

● To become PurposeFull People

Nursing Updates

Reminders from Nurse Nina:

  • Send a refillable water bottle to school with your child everyday. We have water bottle refill stations throughout the building.

  • Healthy snacks help students perform their best during the school day (carb + protein).

  • Call attendance everyday by 9:30am for your child’s absence to be marked correctly. It is very important to list specific symptoms, so the accurate return to school guidelines can be emailed to you.

  • You can upload doctor notes, covid results, immunizations or any confidential information to the nurse on our website (Sandia Vista website, click on health office and click on the link that states “upload confidential information to the nurse”). This is the best way to send information, so any nurse working at SVE can access the information.

Health Office Needs:

  • Disposable water bottles

  • Nutri grain bars (generic is great - no nuts)

  • Crackers (plain saltines)

  • Qtips

Donations are greatly appreciated

Rio Rancho School Calendar

Instructional Calendar

Lunch Money

Parents who would like to put money on their child's account can do so by this following link.

Free & Reduced Lunch Applications

We offer free and reduced meals for those who qualify and reasonably priced meals for all other students (breakfast and lunch).