HOPE: Skill Related Fitness Project

Brianna Garcia

Welcome to California!!!

My client is the everyday average teen. Her health was good and her strengths are in agility and strength. Her limitations are when he becomes too tired to do anymore exercises and is very unconditioned. My client proved to me that she is very strong; she is able to lift 300 pounds on bench like nothing, and she is 160 pounds. She was also able to run very fast and change the direction in which she was running very quickly, which showed agility, but in her tests for endurance and reaction time were not good. When it came to running for long periods, she was not able to run as long as she should be able too. In reaction time, my client was easily distracted. Endurance was her worst skill. She showed a lack of endurance by tiring out within 15 minutes of running.

I have planned four different exercises that will improve my client's endurance, reaction time and coordination/balance. For coordination/balance, she will do either step classes or play soccer. For endurance she will jog steadily 4 laps and add another lap every other day and sprint 2 adding the same amount. For reaction time she will play softball. Along with this training, she will also attend karate classes three times a week. The first week, my client will do one of these activities a day for one our. The next week, she will do these one of these activities per day for one hour and thirty minutes. On the first day of the third week, she will do two of these activities per day for two hours. She will do these activities a little longer and harder as time progresses