The Roaring Twenties

The Brightside and the Darksides

Consumer Economy

In the 1920's many people were doing very well with money and had lots of it left to spend on goods. America became a consumer economy meaning that you could get the same thing as everyone else had by ordering it on a magazine. There were many cool things that were available in these catalogs like being able to order a specific house and they would send you the parts to build it. After that you could pick out many things like kitchen appliances, paint and many other things to decorate your home. Many people didn't know how to control their spending. At the time it was good and bad for people. It was good because they easily had access to things from catalogs and could easily order them and put them on a credit card. Many people didn't know how to control their spending when they could easily buy these things. When people would see their neighbor with a brand new house it would make them want to spend more which often got people into financial trouble.

Scopes Trial

The Butler Act was passed in 1925 in Tennessee. This law taught to schools that if you didn't teach the bible and taught any other form of a religion beside the bible that is was against law. If you were caught teaching anything but the bible you could go to jail and even be fined 100 to 500 dollars. Many people took religion very seriously in the 1920's that is why these laws were passed. In the 1925 a high school teacher took this law to court after being caught teaching the evolution of the earth which was against the law. The teacher Scopes was fined 100 dollars for his offence. This trial got a lot of people thinking. I think this was a big stepped in where we are today because in most public schools religion is not taught today because people are now able to have man different views. This trial was against what we had in the constitution having the right to believe whatever religion you want.

Revival of the KKK

After the war a man name Simmons wanted to start the KKK movement again because he sold memberships for a living and could easily sell them to KKK members. They started to recruit more members for it like Catholics, Jews and foreigners. They wanted to try to take over the government by using a system called decade which would be slowly spreading there group over the country creating more and more power. Each member was responsible for recruiting 10 members each to vote for the person that would run for the government jobs. This was a very negative thing around the 1920's. It wanted to make whites superior to everyone race. This did not help the country but tried to divide it by race. There were also many people on the opposite side trying to stop the KKK and the spread of the violence and this group.

Consumer Society

At the end of the 1920's the change in the way people bought and did things had totally changed. Many of the groups that had kept cultures apart started to join together and become one. The new idea of being able to buy a new car, house, appliances and clothing brought exciting to many people and brought them together. The 1920's set a lot of things that we still do today like making exact sized clothes, vacuums, electric photographs and many others. The automobile industry also took off at this time with company's like Ford and Sloan. They changed factories forever by making one of the first assembly lines. This allowed companies to make and sell products much faster than having one person do the whole things when they can do the same thing over and over and become very good at it. This time for the United States made a lot of what is today. It was very good for the country to start to come and work together to make the US a lot better and more entertaining place to live.

Valentine Massacre

The Valentine Massacre is a 1929 murder of seven mob members over the control of Chicago. The two sides were mad at each other for taking their customers when they would bootleg alcohol. They were lined up against a wall and shot them. Two were dressed a police offers and pretend to arrest the others that shot the men. These men often even controlled the police by paying them off. This created more problems because these groups could get away with whatever they wanted. These groups brought a lot of violence to Chicago and this city is now one of the most violent in the US. They fought often who controlled the streets and was able to sell alcohol at them time. They created many problems and made people scared or fearful of the group. They were not afraid to kill their competition if that what it took to make the money.

Sports in the 1920's

In the 1920’s sports really started to take off. Sports were getting lots of promotion do to the radio and being able to broadcast games. In the 1920's sports changed a lot now knowing that they can make lots of money. People in the 1920's and had money to spend on entertainment so why not go watch a sporting event. Lots of the great players started to get more attention like Babe Ruth in baseball. This was definitely a positive effect because it was good for the economy and good for entertainment. They started to change they way sports are even played now with superstar and ton of spectators. This brought lots of money to the cities and brought lots of more travelers to follow their favorite sports teams. It gave other cities and places the ideas to start other sports organizations which are still around to day.

Al Capone

Al Capone was a notorious gangster in Chicago. Al Capone started off as a bodyguard in a gang called the Five Point Gangs. He was a gangster in Chicago that controlled many people and places. He was a very very rich man. He was the head man that supplied alcohol to people in Chicago. If he had any competition he would send people after them to kill them. He was the alpha male of his group and told the members what to do. Him and his group of pals were related to a lot of crime and mischief that happened during this time. Al Capone got away with a lot of this crime because the police were often payed or to scared to even confront the group. When he grew older he had a lot of money which he donated to various charity's helpong out thousands of people. This changed many peoples views on the man.