The sun is going to explode

How you ask?

The sun, we relie on it for all life, but it's life is ending. As you sit at home watching T.V. The sun gets closer and closer to exploding. The sun is almost out of gas. When it uses it all it will collapse in on its self and explode. Ending all life as we know it.

Leading scientists

Their is no stopping the sun from exploding

Their is no servival

As you all sit their wondering how the human race will servive. I have come to tell you some very tragic news. Their is no serviving. This is the end. This is the extinction of all life as we no it. Their is not adapting. We will all die.

The end

Friday, March 13th, 10:30pm

Deer Lodge, MT, United States

Deer Lodge, Mt

This is when the sun will explode.