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Tuesday October 8,2013

My birthday by Courtney Boner

Last year on October 25 it was my birthday and I didn't go anywhere, I didn't get any presents. It’s was sad because every year on my birthday I go somewhere or have a party and get presents, but not last year. All I did was I stayed home and got a candle in a cupcake. It wasn't all bad something funny happened. The thing that happened was that literally they surprised me with a bear and his name was Justin. Well really it was someone dressed up in a bear suit , but still and the funny part was the bear hit my dad with a tennis racket.

At that time I was drinking soda and when the bear hit my dad all of the soda that was in my mouth shot out of my nose it was so funny. After that the bear had to leave,but the bear gave me a free dinner for 7 at Hometown Buffet in Modesto. The one in Ceres isn't all that good. Last time my family and I went we all got suck from there food.