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Brass tacks about voting

Explanation about the different votes

Gate vote:
  • Forsyth County requires that 75% of households (208 of the 277 homes in Shiloh Farms) must vote YES to gating the neighborhood in order for it to pass.
  • The single trash vote will pass automatically if the gate vote passes.
  • As a reminder, the county WILL NOT allow a single gate, so this vote is for double gating the community.
Trash vote (outside of gates):
  • If the gate vote does not pass, we will hold a separate vote for a single trash company.
  • Per our bylaws, this vote will pass by a 2/3 margin as long as a quorum (1/3 of households/owners and proxies of owners) is reached at the annual meeting.
Board member vote:
  • This vote will be conducted by secret ballot, as required by our bylaws.

The Brass Tacks

  • Each household is allowed ONE vote according to our bylaws. We have checked with the county and they will accept our bylaws for the gate vote (each household gets one vote).
  • We need a quorum (defined as one third (1/3) of the eligible homeowners per Article IV, Section 4.4 of the Bylaws) to conduct business. If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting on February 5, please sign and give your proxy to a neighbor or Board member, or send it to CMA:

    By email to

    By Fax: (404) 835-9216

    By Mail: Shiloh Farms c/o CMA

    1465 Northside Drive, Suite 128

    Atlanta, GA 30318

  • If you want the proxy (Board member or neighbor) to vote a certain way for you, please let them know how to vote on your behest.

  • The vote will occur at the meeting via secret ballot. The only vote mandated as a secret ballot vote according to our bylaws is the Board Member election, however, to streamline the process all votes will be on one secret ballot.
  • You must write your name and address on your white envelope for your vote to count. Please hand your vote with your name and address printed on the white envelope to Lance Hall or Carrie Neville at the Annual meeting.
  • Ballots will be given out at the annual meeting and if you have a neighbor's proxy, you can submit their vote for them at the meeting. You must have their proxy in hand (proxies were delivered on January 4th, 2021 in the HOA packet) and you must print their name and address on the secret ballot you are submitting for them.
  • The final dues increase bottom line numbers (if the gates were to pass) were included in the HOA mailer that you received on January 4th, 2021. We will still be sending out an email with all of these costs broken out and explained 2 weeks before the meeting and you will be able to email the board with any questions regarding the email.
  • If the gates or single trash company do not pass, dues will remain the same as last year.

What does this mean?

Your vote is important

The Board has done an extensive amount of work to show the neighborhood exactly what gating the neighborhood will cost. We have done this to give you options because of the concern about traffic cutting through our neighborhood because of various factors. The Board is NEUTRAL in our position on the gates. If this issue is very important to you (you really want the gates OR you really do not want the gates), it is up to community members to encourage their neighbors to attend the meeting in person or send their vote via a proxy. If we do not get more than 208 homes participating in the gate vote, the vote will fail. The single trash option is also a NEUTRAL position of the Board. We have worked to give the community an option. If this is important to you either way, please encourage neighbor participation in the vote.

Last reminder

It is not within the power of the Board to install speed humps or any other traffic mitigating measures along Shiloh Road. If the gates fail, the Board will go back to the county to ask for another road study. The county may or may not comply with the request. The only way speed tables get added is if the study says that the road warrants them. The board CANNOT add stop signs, speed humps, or extra signage. This is a county road and under the control of the county.

Shiloh Farms HOA Board of Directors

Director Hokan Ojert President Ridgefield

Director Jane McLain Vice President Belmont

Director Gary Nixon Treasurer Belmont

Director Lance Hall Secretary Belmont

Director Dawn Bourg Member at Large Crofton

Association Manager (CMA)Carrie Neville404-835-9216CMA