The greatest Greek City State ever known!!!!!

How did Sparta gain more land and power?

Sparta gained land and power by conquering and enslaving their neighbors. They called the captives Helots. The Spartans where afraid that the Helots would rebel. In result, the government made sure that the boys and men where trained for war.

Sparta's army is very powerful!

Spartan boys leave their home at the age of seven to live in the barracks. They train until they are eighteen years old, then they become citizens and are able to fight.

While the men were fighting the Spartan women participated in sports and could run, own, and sell their own businesses.

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What was Sparta's government like?

Sparta's government was an oligarchy.

What is on Oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a type of government that is run by few people, those people include two head kings, and the council of elders, which was made up of 28 citizens over the age of 60.