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Roanoke Elementary - November 13th, 2015


There will be No School the week of Thanksgiving: November 23 - 27.

What customs and family traditions help your family celebrate Thanksgiving?

Next week we will be discussing family Thanksgiving traditions. Please talk to your child about what your family does at Thanksgiving. We would love to hear about your family traditions!

Family Project - Turkey in Disguise

Help a turkey make it safely past Thanksgiving by disguising him! Notes and turkey patterns were sent home this week with instructions on this fun home project.

Please send in Turkeys by Monday, November 16th. We can't wait to see what you create!!

This project is optional.

Design a Turkey Instructions
Turkey Pattern

Check out the turkeys that have already been turned in!
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Kindergarten Service Project

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Kinder Tech Tips

Starfall -

This free website offers excellent resources to help your child learn about letters, sounds, word families, and beginning reading skills. No login information needed!

Click here for great information about all this site provides!
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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, November 17th - Crazy Tuesday - Kinder Lunch at 11:20

Wednesday, November 18th - LIBRARY CHECK OUT - Aleman, Allen, DiBenedetto, McLarty

Wednesday, November 18th - Make Up Picture Day

Thursday, November 19th - LIBRARY CHECK OUT - Lawson

Thursday, November 19th - Ranger Reading Prize Posse! Kids - get caught reading in the Briarwyck Neighborhood and you'll get to pick a free book to keep! 5:45 - 7:00 PM

NO SCHOOL - November 23 - 27 - Thanksgiving Break

Celebration of the Arts

Friday, December 4th 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Saturday, December 5th - 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Barnes and Noble
1430 Plaza Place
Southlake, Texas

Click here for information about this great family event!

Kinder Announcements

2nd 6 Weeks Report Cards! - Paper copies of report cards will be sent home on Friday, November 20th. Please sign the Report Card and return it to your teacher. It will not be returned to you, so make a copy before you send it back.

Ranger Focus Book - STUCK - Challenge -
Click below for two options of extensions for our Ranger Focus Book - STUCK.

Ranger Focus Book Challenge 1
Ranger Focus Book Challenge 2

Extra Clothes -
Please send an extra change of clothes and underwear in your child's backpack - just in case of illness or an accident. Thank you!

Jackets - Please be sure to label your child's jackets and sweatshirts with his or her name so that misplaced items can be identified and hopefully returned quickly.

What Did We Learn At School This Week?

Skills Block

Students practiced naming, writing, and saying the sounds for the letters "V,v" and "Y,y".

Here's what we learned about letters and words . . .
  • Some words sound the same at the beginning and we can connect the words thta sound the same at the beginning.

New Sight Words: so, on, white

Poem: White
White Song
Black Song
Brown Song
Blue Song
Purple Song
Yellow Song
Red Song
Green Song
Orange Song
Your child can practice these letter names and sounds at home using the Alphabet Linking Chart in his/her Purple Take Home Folder. See photo below.

Alphabet Linking Chart

Use the alphabet linking chart (shown below) to help your child practice letter names and sounds. Read the letter names, the word that names the picture, and say the sound at the beginning of that word. Practice all the letters we've learned so far.
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Sight Word Practice Flashcards

Readers Workshop

This week we:
  • Learned to identify the problem and solution in a story.
  • We drew a picture and wrote about the problem and solution in our Reading Response notebook.

Problem and Solution Student Video

Character, Setting, Problem, Solution Student Video

Don't forget to listen to your child read his or her Guided Reading books every night! Be sure to log the books your child reads every night.

Please read to your child, as well.

Writers Workshop

This week we worked on using spaces between words when we write. We continued to write messages and practice s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out words to hear and record the sounds. We also continued to try to write sight words "in a snap".

Social Studies

We talked about how our families are different from each other and how they are similar. We compared our family pictures and talked about the number of people in our family, the number of siblings in our family, and the other members of our family who live with us.

It was very interesting to know how our family is like other families and how it is different from others, but we all have a family!

Thank you to those who sent in family pictures!!


Module 4

Students compared pictorial quantities of 1 to 9 and identified which was greater and which was less. Students then compared the numerals 1 to 10 and determined which was greater.

We learned that when two numbers are compared on the number track, the greater number is always on the right.

On Friday, students compared lengths of objects and determined which objects were shorter and longer.

Please refer to the Module 4 Parent Letter for ideas on how to strengthen and support these new math skills at home. This letter was sent home on Thursday as well.

Module 4 Parent Letter - English
Module 4 Parent Letter - Spanish


This week we learned all about magnets! We learned that some things are magnetic and some are not magnetic. Magnets have different strengths and are attracted to steel and iron. Those are both types of metal!

Some magnetic things we discovered in our classrooms were scissors, paper clips, the white boards, and chair legs. Some non-magnetic things we discovered were table tops, chart paper, wooden furniture, and glass doors.
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Labels For Education

Please cut out and send in these labels. Weekly classroom winners are announced each Friday morning during Round Up! Funds earned support Roanoke Elementary.

Roanoke Elementary School University - Parent Information Night

Please follow the link below to access helpful information from our presentations at RES-University on Tuesday, September 8th.

RES-U Presentations

Please let your teacher know if you have any questions!