Save The Panda

Saving The Panda

Did you know panda’s are one of the most endangered animals of earth? The panda population has dropped because of illegal poaching and the loss of their natural habitat. Do you really want to see the panda go extinct? What if you knew you could help?

First of all, A panda’s main diet depends 99% on bamboo. With loss of habitat the pandas are losing their main food source which has also lead to starvation. Other than in the zoos across the world, in the world today scientists believe there are less than 2,000 pandas left in the wild. Some pandas live in panda preservations, so it is easier to mate with other pandas and they still have a forest type habitat.

How YOU Can Help

Next, Do you care what the fate of the pandas is? Do you care if they just die out? There are ways you can help. Try donating to a website online, such as the world wildlife fund or pandas international. They would really appreciate your donation.

They take your donations and put it towards preservations for a safe environment for pandas to thrive in. You can also symbolically adopt a panda,almost all the money goes to the pandas well being. It comes with a plush panda, adoption certificate and species card , photo and gift bag.

Help or Harm?

Since you have learned that pandas are dying because the Chinese human population is growing,you got to wonder, are humans helping or harming the panda?

Help reason #1

  • Panda’s have been a part of Chinese culture for a very long time, now and in the past. They wouldn't want to see them go?

Harm reason #1

  • Panda’s are hunted all the time by illegal poachers. The poachers then take the panda parts elsewhere to sell at different places and on the black market. Panda fur is very valuable, the price for one full size giant panda fur is 10 million dollars.

Harm reason #2

  • For Chinese people to live,they need wood and supplies to build houses. The pandas habitat revolves around that stuff. Maybe the Chinese just don’t realize how scarce pandas are getting and that this needs to stop.

Not enough Bamboo

However, Pandas eat somewhere between 20-40 pounds of bamboo a day. With panda habitats being destroyed and not enough bamboo, pandas die of starvation. Mostly all pandas eat is bamboo so this is a big problem.

Finally,Pandas will go extinct if we don’t do something. You can help, by contributing you are helping the pandas live on successfully and grow.


Bamboo- A grass that makes up 99% of the giant panda's diet.

Endangered- When an animal is at risk of extinction.

Extinct- When an animal no longer exists but did at one time.

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