Mediterranean Mansion

Come experience this new way of under-ocean life

Under The Big Blue Sea

Buy yourself a house down within the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and experience everything our planet Earth actually has to offer!
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What is it Like?

Our lily pad solar panels deliver energy down to our underwater ecosystem. The giant underwater bubble holds houses, hotels, trees, dog park, and branching off from the bubble are tunnels that hold trees which provide oxygen, and water treatment facilities that clean salt water into drinkable freshwater.

This ecosystem will change life as we know it!

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If you're wondering how you will breathe underwater, the answer is simple: greenhouses! The plants in our greenhouses get energy and light from our solar panels, photosynthesis takes place, and the oxygen is then transported throughout our ecosystem bubble.
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Water Treatment

Water is plentiful down here in the ocean, but not in a drinkable form. The water is filtered through the plant, it is cleansed and the salt is removed making it drinkable and fresh.
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Recreation Spaces

We have parks for you and your dog down here in the Mediterranean Mansion. Recreation is important so go out and take your dog for a run and throw the Frisbee.
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Observation Capabilities

The views down here are unlike any you'll ever see. Imagine waking up everyday, looking out your window and being greeted by a giant octopus swimming through the coral. You will see sea life like never before and be face to face with turtles. What an experience!
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Power Source

We have solar panels disguised as lily pads that provide energy and power to the whole underwater bubble.