Weekly Launch

October 15-19


-Don't forget report cards go home Friday. If you have students who are not being successful on progressions or has failing grades, please be sure to reach out to parents before the report card goes home. Also, the parent guides for report cards will go home with the report cards!

-Please remember that all morning work(if you are doing it) should be finished by 8:20! Students should not be sitting at desks doing worksheets past that time. Instruction/morning meetings need to begin at that time.

-We have a new deputy. Deputy Jarma was only hear temporarily until they hired all the positions. Our new deputy is Deputy Bodie. He recently retired from HPD. His wife is a teacher at Goforth Elementary. He is excited to be a SLO officer!

Our Watch D.O.G.S. program is in full swing. We had our first Watch DOG Friday. We have three this week. I will be putting the Watch DOGS name and teacher and block teacher on the calendar each week. Please remember that you do not have to give them a specific job to do-they can just sit and watch. The point of the program is to get the dads on campus. Most of them have no idea what their kids do each day and are just excited to see what is happening on a normal day. Use them during recess as another set of eyes to watch the kids. Our dad on Friday really enjoyed his day :0)

Important Dates

October 15-

PD Day

October 16-

2nd 9 weeks begins

Kinder BAS window opens


October 17-

Watch DOG-John Aaron Matthew-Levi and Emma Joy Matthew's dad(Joiner/Hirsch) PE/Art

1st planning day-a.m.



October 18-

Watch DOG-Sean Ranier-Zoie and Bannon's dad(Reed and Lagrone)-PE/Art


Bookfair Preview

5th planning p.m.


October 19-

Watch DOG-Adam Orosco-Signe Orosco's dad(Janese)-Music

Report Cards go home


Book fair Preview

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Self Control

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-Bionat

Big picture

It is almost time for Turkey Feathers!

This year the turkey feathers will be randomly assigned. To help out the person who gets your feather, please answer the questions on the form which is in the link below.. We will print out your answers and give them to the person was has been assigned your feather!

Curriculum Corner

-To ensure writing is valued, focused on and celebrated, consider displaying examples of student writing in the hallways, highlighting the skills expected on the progression. I can statements can be listed on the display to draw attention to and celebrate students ability to perform the skills listed on the progression.

Please make sure you are using all the new resources from the district(shared reading big books, little books, power of patterns etc.)We are fortunate to have these and need to be using them!

-Dreambox-we are doing really well with Dreambox. Please make sure to encourage your students to complete their lessons and assign focus when necessary. They need to be finishing standards. They should average around 3.0 standards or more a month to ensure they get through all of them by the end of the year.

-Be sure to use Flipgrid, Seesaw or It's Learning(4th/5th) to share student's work! This is a district initiative. Please share with us all your great ideas for using these tools. I love how Heather Patterson is using SeeSaw to help document a student who is in the process of being tested. It is a great visual of how the student is performing in class.

Science Fair change for K-3

Please read the below letter for the changes of the science fair process for K-3. This year, parents will have the option to do a traditional board or powerpoint. This will be the last year for this choice. Next year will be all powerpoints.

Goal Setting

Take a visit to 1st grade and 3rd grade and ask to see their Goals Folder!

Big picture

Check out Turrentine's awesome Flipgrid outside her door!!

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for Susan Bush and Jen Murray for setting up a North Pointe Culture table for International Niht to represent our culture of character and show the 30 languages spoken and 20 countries that our students are from-Pamela Baggett

This compliment is for Sandy Varner because she listens! Thank you for listening to our "vent session". You took it all in and we so appreciate that you just listened to us-Tracey Florez

Shout Outs

A shout out to 2nd grade teachers for CoGat teaching!

A shout out to staff for allowing us to use the computer lab for testing!

A shout out to Florez for asking Sandy in to coteach!

A shout out to Jody Wheat for supporting testing in the lab!

A shout out to 3rd, 4th and 5th for doing a great job in Makerspace this week.

A shout out to Matt Samuels and Amy Brown for supporting 4th grade.

A shout out to Nicole Janese for using the depth and complexity icons during her reading lesson!

A shout out to Mills, Joiner, Turrentine, Fore, Janese for writing a mini grant.(sorry if I left anyone off)