Quarter 4 Week 4

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Individual sports

Individual Sports

Fencing is one of many individual sports you should feel free to explore on your own.

You have probably played at least one team sport at least once in your life — soccer, baseball, basketball, or whatever struck your fancy as a child or teenager. Did you ever notice that most team sports are played by younger people? That's partly because so many teams are organized for kids, and partly because older people don't have time to go to a lot of practices and games.

That's not to say that adults don't play team sports, or that kids don't play individual sports. It is to say that individual sports — those you can do by yourself, like cycling, swimming, or martial arts — are more likely to be the kind of exercise you will turn to as you get older. You have already learned quite a bit about team sports. Now we'll take some time to focus on individual sports, so you can decide for yourself which one(s) you prefer.

Individual sports questions

Assignment #1

1. Why are team sports dominated by younger people ?

2. Why do older people engage more in individual sports ?

3. Think of you're parents or grandparents ... what activities do they participate in ?

4. Which that of activity do you prefer .... why ?

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Individual sporting activites

Individual Sporting Activities

Golf is an individual sport enjoyed all over the world.

Previously, you learned quite a bit about group sports, from group team sports to individual team sports to alternative team sports. When it comes right down to it, there are a lot of team sports in the world.

It isn't always practical or easy to play a team sport, though. People's schedules have to be coordinated enough to practice and play games together, and a team's wants and goals must be relatively similar. For instance, if you want to play goalie on a soccer team, and so do five of your teammates, you have a serious conflict.

An easy alternative to team sports often comes in the form of individual sports. Individual athletes may practice whenever and wherever they feel compelled to do so, and may compete at local, national, or international levels, as well as practice the sport for fun and exercise without getting involved in competition at all.

Even if you are skeptical about individual sports, it's a good idea to take some time to become familiar with some of them anyway. Who knows? Maybe one of them will spark your interest, leading you to future Olympic Games as a champion archer or speed skater

Individual sports questions

Assignment # 2

1. What conflicts can arise form participating in team sports ?

2. What are some advantages of individual sports ?

3. Google Olympic sports and make a list of those that are "individual sports"

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History of the game

History of the Game

Sometimes it's more fun to dive into the deep past of a sport than to focus on its rules. Previously, you learned about two sports — swimming and martial arts — which are very different sports with one thing in common: fascinating histories.

Mostly everyone has been swimming at least once, and martial arts and karate are a rich part of our cultural lives. Martial arts movies are widely popular, and as a discipline, martial arts and karate are practiced around the world by people from all walks of life. Suffice it to say, both of these sports have infused our lives in some way.

But what, really, do you know about either sport? We hope the answer is "Not very much," because you are about to learn a whole lot about both of them

History of the game questions

Assignment # 3

1. Google the history of swimming and write a paragraph of your research

2. Google martial arts and make a list of the type

3. Now choose one and write a paragraph about its history

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For the sport of it

For the Sport of It

We have shown you quite a bit in the field of individual sports. Some of them you were probably familiar with, and some of them were undoubtedly new. Now it's your turn to tell us what you think. Which sports do you prefer? Which sport piqued your curiosity? How might you incorporate one or several of these sports into your workout plan? Answer these and more questions here

For the sport of it questions

Assignment # 4

Practice Assignment

Physical Education Core (S3207165)

Name: ____________________

Points possible: 30

Date: ____________

Answer the following questions based on what you have learned about individual sporting activities.

1. Name two individual team sports that you have participated in at some time. Did you play mainly for exercise, fun, or competition? Explain. (5 points)

2. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing individual sports? (5 points)

3. List three facts that you learned about the history of swimming. Were any of these surprising to you? Why or why not? (5 points)

4. List three facts that you learned about the history of karate. Were any of these surprising to you? Why or why not? (5 points)

5. Were there any individual sports you learned about that you did not previously consider a sport? Explain. (5 points)

6. Which sport was most interesting to you? Are there facilities in your community where you might be able to try one of these new sports? Explain how you may be able to incorporate a new sport into your workout plan. (5 points)