3rd grade

Victoria and Aaliyah


There is a really cool song could noun town. That is really cool song . to if don’t hear it .you should search it.

In 3nd grade you will do word study. You will preats your spelling words in class. For a test.Some time it is fun.you are in a groupe some of your frined will be in there.


In math you get to learn how to round.rounding is really fun.because you can do project.

In math you get to learn multiplication.We did multiplication ninja for fun.When you pass you get a rubidium.

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In science you learn about heat/conduction.my class nwent outside. And touch all

The thing to see if it was a good conduction.

In science you learn about the solaris systems.We made a box/suitcase as if we was going to one plant.It was a lot of fun.

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do your best

Social Studies

In social studies you learn about the states.We look at a map. And fill out a sheet of paper .

In social studies you learn about government . is really fun you learn about monarchy and you get the idea. We hope you love it.

have fun in 3rd grade

life skill

Teamwork because in third grade you work in a team a lot. And if you can’t show teamwork you miss out on the fun stuff. That is not fun.
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favorite active

Field day was a fun time. One game you had to work in a team. You also had to be a good teammate.
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