The Cold War

Weapons drawn, never fired.

What was the Cold War?

The cold war was a period of time where there was extreme tension between America and the USSR, caused by numerous events. Though historians don't know the exact date, most believe it was 1947-1991.

Major Events

There are a few major events that escalated the Cold War. One of the major events was The Cuban Missile Crisis. In the Cuban Missile Crisis, an American Plane secretly photographed nuclear missiles being built in Cuba by the USSR. Kennedy issued a naval blockade and threatened to go to war if the missiles weren't dismantled. The USSR leader at the time, Khrushchev, agreed that if he had the missiles dismantled in Cuba, the USA would dismantle. the missiles in Turkey, which had been kept a secret until then. This event was so close to war, it frightened citizens in the USA and the citizens of the USSR.

The Korean War also increased tension severely, it was as simple as which nation supported which side. Of course, the USA supported South Korea and the USSR supported North Korea. This defined the split between each nation even more, putting both nations closer to war.

The Vietnam war may have been the event that escalated the Cold War the most. The USSR was supplying Vietnam, angering the USA, because, of course, they were supplying the enemy. The USA's loss was a huge embarrassment. This was also the first wars ever broadcasted on television. This weakened the american spirit a ton, and many thought that had already lost, or wanted to give up.


At any given moment

We are told

At any given moment

War could break out

At any given moment

There could be missiles striking everywhere

Destroying what we built

Taking the lives

Taking the lives of innocent peopl


The lives of children

The lives of children with potential that could better our world

At any given moment

We could be fatally destroyed beyond repair

Have to watch our loved ones suffer through

Suffer through what pain could be caused

if war breaks out

At any given moment


That's just what war is

At any given moment.