Country Profile: Hong Kong

By: Kaleigh Zadrazil


Capital: Hong Kong

Type Of Government: Limited Democracy

Leaders Name: Leung Chung-ying


Type Of Economy: Capitalism

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar

Currency compared to U.S Dollar: $7.772 per U.S dollar

GDP a per capita: $52,700

GDP ranking (worldwide): 15

Do I feel their economy is successful?

Yes, I feel Hong Kong's economy is very successful. I think that because they are very developed and they're a city in China but they are so developed and independent they have their own government system. They are like Amercia; a democratic government and capitalist.

What could they do to improve their economy?

Hong Kong could improve their economy by giving more freedoms to there people but others keep doing what they are doing.


Officals Language(s): English& Catonese

Population: 7,112,668 people

Literacy rate: 93.5% of population

Life expectancy of Males: 80.18

Life expectancy of Females: 85.71

3 Tourist Attractions In Hong Kong

3 Important Historical Events

1941 - Japan occupies Hong Kong. Food shortages force many residents to flee to mainland China. The population drops from 1.6m in 1941 to 650,000 by the end of the Second World War.

1984 - Britain and China sign Joint Declaration on the conditions under which Hong Kong will adapt to Chinese rule in 1997. Under the "one country, two systems" formula, Hong Kong will become part of one communist-led country but retain its capitalist economic system and partially democratic political system for 50 years after the handover.

1992 October - Chris Patten announces proposals for the democratic reform of Hong Kong's institutions aimed at broadening the voting base in elections. China is outraged that it has not been consulted and threatens to tear up business contracts and overturn the reforms after it has taken control.

Current Event

Hong Kong activists, officials continue standoff on China's national day. The movement has seemingly grown regardless, unaffected by clashes with police, thunderstorms and repeated admonitions by authorities who have refused to budge. Student pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong, who was arrested during protests Friday and released Sunday, led a group of students in a silent protest at the official National Day flag-raising ceremony in Golden Bauhinia Square. The group silently turned their backs to the flag and raised their arms in crosses as the Chinese flag and the flag of Hong Kong were raised.

Company in Hong Kong: Vtech

VTech is in the electronic industry. They make residential phones, educational toys, electronic manufacturing services, small to medium sized business phones, hotel phones, cordless headsets,integrated access device, and baby monitors. They make those products for around the world.