Drinking More Water

It's easy!

The Taylor Family

The Taylor family was determined to drink more water on a day-to-day basis. They came together and set a goal- at least four cups more per day than usual. Here's what they did:

The simple steps

1) They discussed the goal as a group {drink 4 glasses of water more per day}

2) They decided on a way to reach to reach that goal {put charts on fridge to tally each time they went for water}

3) They acted upon it {put up charts- even at Mr. Taylor's office}

4)They decided when they will be checking in {each week}

The People who Participated

Guaranteed Results


Water is proven to: help clear up skin, help cushion and lubricate joints, and make it easier to get rid of waste through urination. (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention)

Water is also known to flush toxins and bacteria out of cells and body. (10 Reasons to Drink More Water)

People that drink more water are less likely to have joint pain, headaches, have brighter and shinier skin and be less cranky. (Breaking Muscle)

The water goes IN and the toxins go OUT