Instructional Technology Portfolio


Standard 1

Visionary Leadership

Here I was able to make a Smore on how to implement Technolgy in the k-12 setting. This shows the proper steps that need to be taken by both teacher and administrators in order to implement Technology Properly

Standard 2

Teach, Learn, Assess

Here is a link to a Smore/Youtube video I made for West Point Bridge Design. This is a very powerful technology tool that does so much. I have found this program to be very engaging, fun, and interactive game that students love to play and also gibes them real life scenarious

Standard 3

Digital Age Learning

This website is a great example of the standard. Not only do students get the definitions needed in order to properly define each word, but they get an interactive visual that demonstrates it.

Standard 4

Professional Development

This is a Link to one of my PDs I did for my building. Here we started a new program called Infinte Campus that was rolled out district wide mid year for all our student information. I was assigned for my building to show teachers how to use it. We had weekly meetings where I showed the faculty how to use the program. Here I showed them how to create a roster for your classes

Standard 5

Digital Citizenship

This is a Youtube Video of a project that the students have to create. It is a Google Earth tour where they are able to find the tallest building in the world

Google Earth Tour

Standard 6

Content Knowledge

I am an active participant in both ITEEA, ROSTEA and NYSTEEA. These organizations focus on technology and how to incorporate them into our classrooms. They also promote more hands on learning using technology in order to gain knowledge. Being a part of these organizations I go around the state and hear countless PDs in order to better integrate technology into the classroom