Quarter 2 Newsletter

7th Grade

Fall Conferences

Thank you to all parents and students who attended fall conferences this Fall. Students did a great job leading their own conferences with parents and it was exciting to celebrate a quarter of hard work! If you did not attend conferences, your student's grade report, state testing report from last year, and a few other documents went home with students or are being mailed out. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

The CIMS Park and Play Yard!

The CIMS playground is coming along! Equipment has begun to be installed.

We still need painted rocks for our display in the CIMS Park and Play Yard! If you or your family are interested in taking rocks home to paint and return for the playground, come pick up a packet in the office. Note that rocks will be provided, paint or other materials will not. Feel free to pick up for anyone who wants to contribute to the playground! Please pick up, decorate, and return rocks by Thursday 11/15/18.

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Other Important Updates

  • Make sure to update your Parent Booker account and that you have your student's name on the account so you can take advantage of upcoming volunteer opportunities like helping with the Holiday dance on Dec. 20th sponsored by student council.
  • We will be hosting a team from IB on November 26th and 27th to check out what amazing things our PYP program is doing.
  • Don't miss out on PTO's bingo night on December 14th. It's a fun way to raise funds for the PTO!

Current Units of Inquiry

Language and Literature

Unit Title: What Influences My Choices?

Unit Statement of Inquiry: Analyzing a message's purpose and context can change perspective and influence choices.

Inquiry Questions:

What role does advertising play in the lives of youth?

  • Students will explore how the media impacts their lives and choices.

How do writer's use persuasion and the elements of a good argument to influence people?

  • Students will examine arguments to determine the strategies that they can employ to create their own persuasive arguments.

How can understanding multiple perspectives form a more well-rounded citizen of the world?
  • Students will analyze context and purpose to understand how perspective is affected by outside forces such as culture, bias, gender, and age.
Summative Assessment: write an argumentative essay to the school board and Corwin administration that states and supports a claim about a school related issue of importance to you.


Unit Title: Human Body Systems

Statement of Inquiry: Advancements through the biological revolution changes how systems interact to perform functions.

Inquiry Questions: What are the components of certain human body systems? How do human body systems interact with each other to allow the body to function? What are the implications of current medical research?

Summative Assessment: Students will complete a range of acitvities to demonstrate their knowledge of the different human body systems and how they must work together to keep the body functioning.

Individuals and Societies

Unit Title: Eastern Europe

Statement of Inquiry: Patterns and periods have changed over time and across different cultures and nations.

Inquiry Questions: How does the rise or collapse of a government affect surrounding societies over time? What ideas have fundamentally changed different cultures in the Eastern Hemisphere? To what extent are ideas from the ancient world important in today’s world?Summative Assessment: Students will complete a written task to demonstrate their knowledge of Eastern European history, economics, and politics.


Unit Title: The Number System

Statement of Inquiry: Exploring systems, models and methods to lead to solutions logically.

Inquiry Questions: What happens when you add, subtract, multiply and divide integers? How can mathematical quantities be modeled? How are mathematical ideas involving integers represented in real world situations

Summative Assessment:
Students will use real‐world data to model quantities in the ocean. Students are expected to display data in table form and vertical number lines. Students will have to demonstrate knowledge of various number system. Students will find solutions to real world problems through the use of these models.


Unit Title: Mi Familia

Statement of Inquiry: Creativity can express personal and cultural experiences in family structure.

Inquiry Questions: What is the importance of Family? What can I learn about my Family? What elements are important to every family

Summative Assessment: Students are creating a family tree, these trees will express the students creativity and their personal and cultural experiences based on how they choose to organize their family and explain their family structure.


Unit Title: Science Fair Support

Statement of Inquiry: Designers must be innovative in order to invent products that are aesthetically pleasing.

Inquiry Questions: What is the design cycle system? How can creating many designs affect the final solution to a problem? Does creating many designs for a solution to a problem allow for more innovative products?

Summative Assessment: Students will create multiple design ideas for their science fair board and choose the most aesthetically pleasing design to create for science fair.

Instrumental Music

Unit Title: Chromatic: Half Step...Half Step...Half Step

Statement of Inquiry: Boundries and innovation impact change and influence opportunity, risk, consequences & responsibility.

Inquiry Questions:

How is a chromatic scale formed?
  • Students will begin to understand the need of half step intervals.
How will the demonstration of a chromatic scale performance lead to advancement?
  • Students will discover that knowing patterns that support scale construction can bring about innovation of one's own composition.
Does practice make perfect or does practice make permanent, why?
  • Students will justify the importance of individual practice

Summative Assessment: Your role will be to perform a one octave chromatic scale to perform for your class. You will be assigned instrument specific scale, play and write a one octave ascending and descending chromatic scale. Can use any of the following note types to play your scale. Whole, Half and Quarter : Notes and Rests, rests are not required but can be used. 7th Strings: D Chromatic Scale 7th Band: Concert Bb Chromatic scale


Unit Title: Laugh Till You Die: A History of Drama

Statement of Inquiry: Genre and Composition produce critical literacy, languages and linguistic systems that creates the foundation for performance.

Inquiry Questions: How does history and culture effect composition? How do we express ideas, feelings and beauty? Do culture and beliefs play a part in our appreciation and understanding of communication?

Summative Assessment: Shakespeare is known as the father of Theater. When learning about the history of theater, students need to understand where the foundation developed. Studying Shakespeare provides a background to literature, character building, expression and poetry. Students will study a play by Shakespeare and as a class decided if they want to perform the play or to individually perform monologues by William Shakespeare.


Unit Title: Globetrotter

Statement of Inquiry: An individual’s development of perspective and interactions impacts their awareness of space and time.

Inquiry Questions: Who invented basketball? When? Where? How? How does your final routine compare to where your routine was when you first started this unit? How can you adapt your personal traits to become successful or unsuccessful in an uncomfortable environment?

Summative Assessment: Students will create a basketball routine in teams.