Are You Really Alive?

If you just want to make sure that you are really alive, use the six characteristics of living things. First, make sure that you are made of cells. You can grab a microscope if you want to, but just by looking at your skin, you know that you are made of cells. If you can reproduce, or known as heredity, that is another sign that you are alive. Also, sneezing is a good sign that you are alive, because the next thing you need to check is homeostasis, and an example of that is sneezing. Do you run around or get hyper? If you do, that means you have energy, which is a sign that you are living. When you depend on something else that is alive, that is interdependence. Did you know that you evolved from something else? Yes, we used to be apes. From apes to human beings, that is evolution. So now, if you have all these things, you are alive.

Food, Food, Food!

Organic Compounds

We all get hungry. But, did you know that the food you are eating are all organic compounds? There are four different types of organic compounds. They are your lipids, which are the fats and oils, like french fries and donuts. You also have protein. For example an egg has lots of protein. There is carbohydrates, which is bread, pasta, sulfur, and things like that. Last, you have nucleic acids, which is DNA and RNA. Those are your four organic compounds.