Yoga Sequence

Mountain 3 Poses

1. Start by standing with your arms at your side

2. Then into Forward Full

3. down into lunge

4. Swing foot back into plank

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5. Rest knees on the ground into a kneeling position

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Camel Pose

  1. Starting from a kneeling position, rest hands on ankles.
  2. Lift hips away from heels.
  3. Draw shoulder blades back.
  4. Lift through sternum, extending though the back.

1. Sit up, swing feet around into staff pose

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Seated Forward Full

  1. Starting in Staff pose, legs extended.
  2. Walk hands to feet while hinging from the hips.
  3. Close eyes and relax into the stretch.

1. sit back up into staff

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Cradle the Baby

  1. Start from Staff, drawing forward right sit bone.
  2. Open knee out to the side.
  3. Hold the knee to the right and underneath with the left.
  4. Flex ankle, the leg towards the chest.
  5. Place the foot in the crook of the elbow.
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Butterfly Pose

  1. Starting from Staff, draw the soles of your feet together.
  2. Bring the heels together.
  3. Knees go towards the floor.
  4. Hold onto your ankles.
  5. Hinge at hips and bring chest to the floor.

1. Extend legs into staff pose

2. lay down onto your back, arms at your side

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  1. Start by laying down on your back, with feet on the floor, hands at your side touching ankles.
  2. Lift hips, pressing through heels.

1. Rest legs down on the mat

2. Sit up into staff pose

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Boat pose

  1. Start in staff, leaning back a little bit.
  2. Bend knees, hold on to the back of the thighs, lifting feet into the air.
  3. Straight your legs.
  4. Let go of legs and straighten arms to a horizontal position

1. Sit back into staff

2. Flip feet back to lay onto your stomach

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  1. Laying on belly, extending arms down at your side palms facing up.
  2. Draw shoulders back together to lift chest.
  3. Reach up through the crown of your head.
  4. Lift your legs for a challenge.

1. Rest down onto your belly, resting your hands down at your side

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Bow pose

  1. Laying on your belly, extend arms down body with palms facing up.
  2. Bend your knees to bring your heels to the glutes.
  3. Reach back to grab ankles, keeping knees inline with hips.
  4. Press hands into ankles, lifting your chest away from floor, drawing the ankles back.