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March 1st - March 5th

Dear Parent(s),

Thanks you to Mr. Shane Getson MLA and graduate of Niton Central (1991) for making time out of his schedule to visit our grade 5/6 class along with 11 other classes.

Our Phys.Ed. extension for gr.7-9 students last Tuesday was successful with a good turn out of students. Please remember that due to the Covid19 regulations on cohorts we can not accommodate younger siblings attending or waiting at the school.

Our registration for ALL students is NOW OPEN!! Please visit our homepage and click on the links to register your child(ren) for the 2020-2021 school year. Also, we need your support through social media by forwarding our advertisements to friends and family. Small schools can make a BIG difference and shouldn't all our families/community benefit from Niton Central school?

D. Lorne

Future MLA's

Niton Central School and G.Y.P.S.D. hosted Mr. Shane Getson M.L.A. for Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland riding. Mr. Getson, a former student of Niton Central (1991) was gracious enough to field questions from 12 different classes of grade 5/6 students including Parkland and Northern Gateway district schools. Niton Central students as well as the other students asked thought provoking questions that gave a glimpse into the life of the Alberta Legislative Assembly. Thank you Mr. Getson!!
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Royal Tyrrell Museum

Science 7 students this week were able to take part in a great virtual interactive program by the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It examined some of the objectives covered in the Planet Earth unit and increased understanding of some of the objectives not yet covered.
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French Fashion

The Grade 5/6 class wrapped up their unit on clothing in their French class with a fashion show. Students chose an outfit, wrote a paragraph in French describing it, and then practiced their oral skills when presenting it. Students took the runway in front of their classmates and the rest of the elementary via Google Meet. The 5/6 did a great job with their speaking skills and creativity.
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Pre K and Kindergarten Early Registration - OPEN NOW!!

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Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Introduction to Niton Central

Niton Central Fundraising Society

Thank you so much to our NCFS for the amazing donations! Our students are already taking advantage of the 30 new Chromebooks purchased.

News from the G.Y.P.S.D. Learning Connection

GNS Good News Story

Counselor's Corner


Previously in Counselor's Corner the topic of bullying was covered. We know that there are different forms of bullying from physical, verbal, cyber, and relational along with knowing a bully is attempting to gain power in a situation. Often a bully is a person trying to gain control in their life by attempting to take control of another’s. Knowing that ultimately this is creating a power imbalance it is important to know as a parent that you have to support your child, whether he/she/they are the bully or the bullied.
One of the best tools in supporting your child is to model how to regulate during those tough interactions, this is called co-regulation. To completely understand how to co-regulate it is essential that in times where you have unpleasant feelings, such as anger, annoyance, sadness, anxiety, etc. are to be aware of your reaction. Ask yourself: “Am I having reactions that are inappropriate like yelling or punching?” or “Am I snapping on my kid when they are pushing my buttons?” This can help you become aware of your actions. Next, you can make sure to communicate with your child through your conflict resolutions. When you have these resolutions it’s important to validate feelings that were felt but also address unacceptable behaviours. When practicing this ensure that you tie in a moment to problem solve better reactions. An example would be: “It looks like you were feeling overwhelmed and angry with the situation and you felt like hitting was the only choice you had at this moment but hitting hurts. What is a better way we can deal with these big feelings the next time you have them?”
When you validate and then problem solve it encourages the child to self-regulate and critical think during times of stress. This tool can help them respond better to bullies or can help those who are more likely to have aggression think before potentially bullying!

Easter Chocolates

NCFS Easter Fundraiser. Don't miss out. Order deadline is Wednesday, March 3rd with pick on March 23rd.

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March 3rd - Purdys chocolate order due

March 5th - PD Day - NO School for students

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March 12th - Report cards go home

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