Easy Writers

Some Simple Strategies


…progression, relatedness, and completeness of ideas. The writer establishes for the reader a well-organized composition, which exhibits a constancy of purpose through the development of elements forming an effective beginning, middle, and end. The response demonstrates a clear progression of related ideas and/or events and is unified and complete.

Guided Memory Kernel Essay

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Science Ba-da-bing!

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Sentence Starters

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Math Ba-da-bing!

Select one of the following number sentences.

  • 3 + 4 = ?
  • 8 = 10 – ?
  • 2 + ? + 2 = 9
  • 10 – ? = 5 + 1

a) Create a problem situation about Samantha that could be represented by the number sentence.

b) Create a concrete or pictorial model to represent the solution to the problem.

c) Orally describe the strategies and processes used to solve the problem.

d) Explain how the concrete or pictorial model and number sentence represent the problem situation.

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More Sentence Starters

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Why Your Students Should Write

  • Writing increases students' participation.
  • Writing helps students think deeply.
  • Writing helps you know your students better.
  • Writing increases students' communication skills.