The Cougar's Den

March 2018

Principal's Corner

I would like to send out a brief reminder that Daylight Savings Time begins on March 11th while we sleep Saturday into Sunday, with clocks springing ahead an hour at 2 a.m.

In addition, the end of third quarter is quickly approaching, and it’s very important for our students to focus on attendance and catching up on any missing assignments.

Lastly, we are very happy with the academic achievements of our students thus far, and want to encourage everyone to study hard for their finals and then enjoy a well-deserved and relaxing Spring Break.

Thank You & Go Cougars!

Go Further with Food!

“Go Further with Food” is the message for this year’s National Nutrition Month celebrated during the month of March. Making healthy food choices throughout the day can help students concentrate better on school work, have more energy for after-school activities, and generally make them feel better! Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated.

Three basic guidelines according the the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics are:

  1. Emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat-free milk and milk products,
  2. Include lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts, and
  3. Minimize saturated fats, trans fats, salt (sodium), and added sugars. By just keeping these 3 guidelines in mind, Americans will be well on their way to optimal health.

Locally, the Boise School District Food & Nutrition Department is celebrating National Nutrition Month with special events:
  • On March 2nd, we will be serving Green Egg Pops at all elementary sites in honor of Dr. Seuss Day. We will also be offering a new flavor station to allow students the option to season their eggs with a variety of flavors!
  • During National School Breakfast Week (March 5th-9th), all grade levels will be participating in the School Nutrition Association’s Campaign, “I Heart School Breakfast.” We welcome students to try new breakfast items offered during this week; participants will be eligible for some fantastic prizes!

Congratulations Frank Church 2018 Rotary Scholars!

Annahi Cantu

Margaret Parks

Ri Royal

Zachary Steube

Zoe Swanson

Extended Day Tutoring

The Extended Day program continues through March 20th.

Our Academic Interventionists will be in the Community Center Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:10. Snacks are available.

Students can come and work on their missing assignments or get the extra instruction they might need. Don't wait until the end of the quarter to get help or get caught up.

Important Dates this Month

March 1st

Higher Ed Day

March 7th

Bogus Basin Ski and Snowboard Trip

March 22nd and 23rd

3rd Quarter Final Exams

11:30 Early Release

March 26th-30th

No School - Spring Break

April 2nd

School Resumes

Frist Day of 4th Quarter

Mr. Lamping

Ms. Waibel

Ms. McDougal

Mr. Hawley