Muskets in the revolutionary war

By: Jake Long

The musket

The musket was a long ranged weapon and weighed about 9 pounds. The gun fired one lead ball, and in between shots gun powder was dumped down the barrel. A flint was held by two jaws when the gun was loaded and when the flint struck a part called frizzen, caused the gun powder to ignite which propelled the ball forward.

The inventor

The Inventor of the musket was the Americans

fun facts

  • The most common Revolutionary weapon was the flintlock musket, commonly known as the Brown Bess, and was first used in 1768
  • The Muskets were muzzle loaded with a single shot or grape shot, fired from the shoulder.
  • The Musket had a short range and was not very accurate and used by infantry. The Revolutionary War muskets were commonly equipped with bayonets
  • Only about 20% of the lead fired from one army to another hit the target