Quail Call

July 12, 2022

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Mid Summer Updates

Hello From PPCS New Executive Director Sara Beggs PhD

Hello PPCS!

I am excited to officially start my journey with the PPCS crew. My family and I are still in the process of moving out there. We are searching for the perfect home with land to make our dreams come true. I will officially be out there by August 1st if not a week earlier.

I have worked in the field of education for 19 years. Following nine years of elementary teaching experience, I moved to the District Office as an instructional specialist supporting teachers and students in curriculum, instruction, and intervention in grades pre-k through 12.I then accepted an administrative position as Coordinator of Inclusive Schooling. In this position I worked collaboratively with district administrators, site administrators, teachers, and families, to support students with and without disabilities in general education. After four years I realized how much I missed being on an elementary campus and became the proud Principal of an Elementary school. Throughout my career, I additionally taught courses at Chapman University in the Masters in Curriculum and Instruction department as well as the Masters in Special Education program. After growing up, living, and working in Southern California our family decided to follow our dreams and move to the Palouse. We are thrilled to join the PPCS community!

My deep-rooted philosophy and belief that all children can thrive and be successful in the education environment drives my passion to ensure a Multi-tiered System of Support for all students. I believe in using restorative practices to support positive behavior and problem-solving skills. I view a safe and collaborative school environment as key to a successful school culture. Partnerships with parents and community partners are essential components to that success.

Lastly and most importantly, I am a proud mother of two beautiful girls Charlotte (9), and Caroline (6). As a mom of school-age children, I am keenly aware of the importance of family involvement and the significance of the school community. During my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with my daughters, husband Jeff, and our family pets. As the PPCS Executive Director, you can expect that I will be visible, accessible, and collaborative. I am looking forward to working together as partners in learning.


Sara Beggs


Farewell From Dave Schneider

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that our 3rd grade teacher Dave Schneider will be leaving PPCS. He was given a wonderful opportunity that he couldn't pass up. Although I didn't personally have the chance to get to know him well, I have heard wonderful things about his dedication to the PPCS staff, community, and students. It will be a difficult loss for us however we all wish him well on his new adventure. Please read the letter below from Dave.

Dear Crew,

It is with mixed emotions that I write to let you know I accepted a position to teach 4th-6th grade at Pullman Community Montessori. I did not expect to be writing this letter, but the opportunity at PCM is one I could not pass up. PCM is a charter school operating in its second year and will be expanding grade levels this year. For those who spent time in the classroom with me, hopefully you remember hearing that measuring time and money are two of the most important math skills you can learn. When Mary and I met with our financial advisor, he pointed out that we would need to increase our income heading into retirement. Put relatively simply, Washington pays teachers more than Idaho. Put less simply (sorry – I like to write just as much as I like to talk), the magic of PPCS means I could only teach at a school that equally values innovation, student choice, service learning, and experiences outside the classroom. I think this is the only job where I could have accomplished both my teaching and financial goals, so I felt like I had to move quickly. That stated, I don’t want to be done at PPCS. There will be opportunities to collaborate across state lines (I’m not sure what they are yet, but the students at PPCS have always been better at brainstorming ideas than just me). I feel blessed that I got to work with a group of professionals who are dedicated to being the best educators they can be – a group that is hard wired to let go of ego to pursue the greater good. I feel blessed that I got to work once again with a group of parents who care deeply about not just their children, but about the greater community. Above all, I feel blessed to work with a group of students who all have the ability to make ours a better world. To my students- I’m sorry I’m communicating this in a letter instead of in person. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend an event at the beginning of the year so I can say farewell. But farewell isn’t really the right word – aloha is much more fitting. People come into each other’s lives purposefully, and every goodbye is also a hello. If there’s anything any of you want or need, please know I’m available (dave_schneider@hotmail.com works best). All of you are and always will be important in my life. My one favor I’ll ask is that if we run into each other 15 years from now, keep in mind that you might look significantly different while I’ll just be some combination of balder or grayer and wrinklier. Please be patient with me. Actually, scratch that. You don’t have to be patient if you truly take to heart the lessons of Crew and work to make the world better. I’d greatly prefer that. Thank you for everything you’ve meant to me, and please reach out for anything you want to share.



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