Mrs. McGregory's 3rd Grade Class

Upcoming Events

September 23rd

Field Trip to Midway Village

September 24th

Unit 1 Math Test

September 25th

Fun Run

Unit 1 Week 1 Reading Test

Unit 1 Week 1 Spelling Test

Art - By Sydney

we are making fun chameleons and it is fun with the cool pattrns.and we are using oil pastels. p.s art is ASOME!

Reading - By Ava

We are reading what about me?. In what about me? there is a boy who wanted knowledge he keeps asking people for help but they just tell him to help them and finally he gets his knowledge.

Music - By Ella

we are doing patterns like lo,so,me we all so are getting recorders for class.

PE - By Gavin

PE is the finest thing Because we play fun games like dodgeball.

Technology - By Mari

This week the students were introduced to Trello (Mrs. McGregory)

On trello we write sentences and add pictures. Our sentences need to include a vocabulary word.