March Madness

Charming Dotties Trunk Show Madness!

Rack up the Free Jewelry Rewards by having a HEAVY Trunk Show schedule!

Our goal for MARCH MADNESS is to have someone on the Charming Dotties team having a TRUNK SHOW every single day of the month!!!

Please use the link below to put your Trunk Shows on so we can account for every day of the month!! Just include your name and the city where you're having the TS (so we can see how much opportunity is in various cities we may not have booked in yet!!)''

Include Trunk Shows you already have booked for March as well as any new shows you get this week! The goal of this is really just to make sure we have as many trunk shows as humanly possible in March!! The prize is making sure we take full advantage of the Home Office's March Madness crazy free jewelry incentive this month!

Have you seen how much FREE jewlery you can earn in March!? It's MADNESS, Madness I tell you!! Let's do this thing ladies!!!

Phoebe: "It's madness I tell you!"