Alder Weekly Update

March 21, 2021

Message from the Principal

Hello Students, Parents, and Staff!

I am pleased to share that we have made another successful transition this week with a combined group of hybrid students. With this change, both Group A and Group B returned to school together to attend in person learning Tuesday through Friday. The students were excited to get off buses and greet friends.. with social distancing and masks, of course.

Our 8th grade students are beginning to make course selections for 9th grade, so it is an exciting time for them. In addition, they are considering their high school options with a large majority staying in EHT. Our counselors are working on recommendations for ACIT and other school choices too. We are so fortunate to have such a great high school opportunity in EHT.

Under Ms. Perone’s leadership, our Intervention and Referral Services Team is supporting students after school. These professionals are assisting students to complete work not done during this school year. They are helping students fulfill hours from high absenteeism and low grades. Ultimately, we wish for these students to meet their grade level expectations and requirements to progress to the next grade level. This has been such a challenge this year during the pandemic. However, we have a plan that we are implementing in the best interest of our students.

Another support that we have begun to offer are Saturday detentions. While this is not always a favorite activity of our students, it is yet another chance to meet attendance and course level expectations. We have a number of teachers who help to tutor students and provide small group support on Saturdays from 8 am -12 pm. Students can also make up for missed days of school through time on Saturday.

Through a unique school year and under the guidance of our Central Office, we are working to best meet the varying needs of students during a pandemic crisis. Good news is that this past week, Dr. Gruccio was able to arrange Covid vaccinations with our local Walmart. Many teachers and administrators took advantage of this opportunity to get vaccinated. This will allow us to move and operate more safely in our surroundings. We are truly thankful for Dr. Gruccio’s persistance in allowing us access to the vaccine.

A reminder again to please forward any pictures of events or your children with friends that we can put in our yearbook. This will be a yearbook to remember, because it will be put together with your help. Our Yearbook Advisor, Mrs. Battersby shared that any community sports and activities are welcome. Send any pictures to:

We are looking forward to the beautiful weather that March and the promise of spring holds. We are also working on plans for schedules for the next few weeks and into next year. Spring always brings planning for a school year, so that we consider student placements, staffing and building needs.

Please remember that if you travel to restricted areas and other states, there are quarantine restrictions for returning to school. We are here to help, so please call if you have any questions or if issues arise in which we can help. Finally, any issues with health, quarantine concerns, or Covid symptoms, our school nurse is available as follows

Melanie Charlton- 609-383-3366 ext. 1411

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

Ms. Giardina, Ms. Perone, and Mrs. Day

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Blue Team SS Classes

Students in Ms. Wood's 8th grade Social Studies classes were in Ms. Fairchild's lab this week for the 2nd part of their 3-part real life stock market activity. Students "bought" stocks two weeks ago and this week they were researching trends and the companies they bought. They will be making advance predictions on what they believe their stocks will do in the next few months.
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Media and Drama Students

Media club is currently building a replica of the library in Minecraft for our post-Spring Break in-person video shoot of a new Library Welcome Video

Drama Club filmed their virtual and in-person performances for the Spring Drama Showcase which will be airing in the near future.

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Cobalt ELA Classes

Students in Ms. Keenan's classes created images of their idioms.
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8th Grade Applications for Medical Science Academy

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4 Days In-Person Learning is in full swing!

Please follow the same schedule for Hybrid/virtual learning.
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Welcome Back!!

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Click the QR code around the school, or type in this Google Classroom code.

Join us on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Pretzel Sale

Listen for announcements for an after-school pretzel sale next week!

Community Partnerships

Battle of the Pages - Spring Edition

Alder and Fernwood have entered a Battle of the Pages reading competition. Click the link for more information:

The current totals are below!


Spring Sports Physicals

Click the link below for spring sports physical packets.