Righteous Gentiles

By: Jenny,Emma,Lev, Drew C.


Sharps helped hundreds of people escape from Nazi persecution.

The Sharps were recruited by members of the American Unitarian Association, including Robert Dexter to accept a posting in Czechoslovakia, as representatives of a new program to help endangered refugees. With his wife Martha Sharp, in 1939 he administered relief to hundreds of endangered Jews and other refugees in Prague.. In the following year, Waitstill and Martha traveled to southern Europe to continue a relief and rescue program for endangered refugees as representatives of the newly formed Unitarian Service Committee. In 2006 they were regarded as Righteous among nations.



  • The place where people hid

  • A secret hiding place

  • most people during WWII hid in secret annexes

Hospital/ Nurses Office

  • many people got hurt/ killed by the Nazis

  • symbolizes how Irena Sendler helped injured people

  • Irena Sendler was a nurse

  • She helped them out of the Warsaw ghetto

Yellow Jewish Star

  • Hitler thought Jews were different during this time

  • Hitler believed that Jewish people weren’t good enough to live in this world

  • Hitler made Jewish people sew a yellow jewish star on every pair of clothes that they had

  • Symbolizes all the hard times that the Jews went through during this time.


  • symbolizes Judaism

  • many people still strongly believed in their religion even when they were in hiding

  • Jewish people celebrated Chanukah

  • Symbolizes how people still expressed their religion in hiding

Secret Staircase

  • hidden

  • almost every annex had a secret staircase

  • they had secret staircases that led to different places because they couldn't be seen


  • Jewish people celebrate a holiday called Shabbat

  • It is a tradition to eat Challah on Shabbat

  • Shabbat is celebrated on Friday and Saturday