Hawaniian volcanoes

Robyn Lenagh Bond

What Are Volcanoes

Volcanoes are mountains full of magma ( hot liquid rock). In Pompeii they thought that mount Vesuvius (veh-soo-vee-us) was just a mountain until it erupted. No one survived this eruption.

what causes the volcanoes to erupt?

what causes vocanoes to erupt

Volcanic eruptions can be caused by earthquacks . They can also be caused by all the presure building up inside of the volcano.

what kills you ?

Many people would say the lava kills you .But normally no one lives to see the lava because the ash smothers you and takes away oxegon.

whats good and whats bad

cons and pros

  • volcanoes can wipeut entire city |scientist can tell when volcanoes will erupt
  • valcanoes can cuase tsunami's | ash can make for great soil
  • scientist can only see six miles from top peek|you don't have to live right next to it

how to survive

A suvival kit that contans you should also live about 1-2 miles away

  • food,battery powerd radio
  • water ,flash light
  • medicine,googles