Room 113 News September 14

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This week there is no school for students on Thursday and Friday.

Peace Day

Dear Parents and Students,

In honor of the United Nations’ International Peace Day on September 21, ISB will host its first ever Pre-K-12 Peace Day Celebration in Rajendra Hall. Unfortunately, due to numbers, this is a student only event. Peace Day is a way to recognize the efforts of those who have worked to end conflict and promote peace; and to celebrate a commitment to peace within ourselves, our families, our school, our community, and our world.

Students should wear their white ISB shirts on this day, as white is the international color of peace.

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Please look for other Peace Day events taking place on campus.


We wrapped up our first unit of study with a quick review of decoding strategies. Mr. Hagen reminded readers that even though they may be reading longer books with chapters, word attack strategies are still used by all readers!

On Monday, we will launch our unit of study on characters. Readers will think about characters' traits, feelings, actions, and words. Then, they will make thoughtful predictions and share insights into how getting to know a character can help them understand and better connect with a text.


We have started writing personal narratives. We started by understanding that many personal narratives focus on shorter periods of time and provide readers with details about action, setting, emotions, and thinking. We also learned about dialog and how to use it to make our stories more realistic and engaging for readers. Writers are applying what they know about the writing process to personal narratives. Students are rehearsing and revising their stories in partnerships and are asked to show what step of the writing process they are on each step of the way.


Our class has been working on measurement.

- how to use cm cubes as measurement tools

- how to construct our own measurement tools

- knowing when to use centimetres and when to use meters

- using mental benchmarks for estimation

- compare lengths in centimetres and meters

- compare metric lengths with non-standard lengths

- solving word problems with a ruler

- drawing diagrams to represent different lengths for comparison and problem solving

- using measurement skills in two step word problems


We have launched our study of solids, liquids, and gasses. First, we explored the properties of different solids. Students were challenged to build towers out of different solid materials and reflected on which materials produce the best results. Now we are exploring the properties of liquids.