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Orphaned to Hatred looks forward to designing events that make every nonprofit institution’s big event a huge success. In business for over 20 years, They are now the proven leader in high-quality nonprofit event planning coordination and catering services, and have established a reputation for excellence that is without equal in the entire event planning industry. Visit the town of Apache Junction today to find out more.
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Orphaned to Hatred: Decorations

Orphaned to Hatred are experts at party planning for charitable organizations in the greater Apache Junction, AZ area. They know how to plan a party all the way from finding the venue to providing the food, music and event for the setting. They have professional decorators on staff that is ready to make your event shine with the flashiest decorations, using some of the elements below:


Orphaned to Hatred are glitter fanatics, and they love to make things sparkle. They have metallic looking blends for those more festive nights as well as bright ones for beautiful and shiny day events.

Streamers and Banners

Orphaned to Hatred can also create personalized banners for a specific event, or arrange an appealing set of streamers for a more subtle representation of your organization.


To spice up the night, Orphaned to Hatred can add special lighting effects such as disco balls, strobe lights and fog machines to have your fundraiser as lively and energetic as you would like.

Table Dressing

Orphaned to Hatred has a number of table dressing options to accentuate the other decorations in the event. They can even create custom napkin prints and other such services to personalize the table as much as you’d like.

Table Settings

How tables are organized is also a big element to how the event will turn out. Having room for people to access all the necessary parts of the party without overcrowding takes knowledge of functionality and space management, which Orphaned to Hatred specializes in.

Fundraising Ideas for the Office

Orphaned to Hatred knows that there are many offices that are interested in donating their funds to a local or regional charity. Masters of charitable event planning, Orphaned to Hatred have great ideas for every office to begin immediately in order to boost their funds for the charity of choice. Although in an office environment there might not be room for a party or event, however, there is always room for people to get their money to a charity that does great work in the community.

Food cooking contests are a great way to get people involved and to get home cooked food into the office. Any time of cook-off is recommended, as long as people are interested in getting involved. By creating a small fee for people to pay in order to enter their food dish, the office will quickly raise money for the charity they are supporting. The office-wide event could quickly become a continual event with the winner, voted on by the office taste testers, would receive a certificate and office-wide respect for their food. Orphaned to Hatred knows that a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

Another cute idea for the office that is Orphaned to Hatred approved is through photography. Employees should be asked to bring in a photo of themselves as children. Preferably, the photos should be ones that are humorous, embarrassing, and genuinely cute. From here the game is to guess whose photo is whose in a fun game that creates ways to bond the office while getting to know others in the company. Money is raised by a small fee to join the game festivities.

Orphaned to Hatred - Goals And Objectives

Orphaned to Hatred is a special events planning company based in Apache Junction, Arizona. Office manager Jared Hefley says that the company formed in 2003 and in the years since has produced hundreds of special events in the Greater Phoenix area.

He says that the very first step to planning a successful special event is to establish the event’s goals and objectives. “You need to know why you are organizing this event,” says Jared Hefley of Orphaned to Hatred. “That might sound so obvious that it doesn’t need to be said. But you’d be surprised how many clients, or potential clients, call this office every single week without the faintest idea of what they really want to do.”

He says that any special event needs to have a team in place that will handle the multitude of details that come with organizing any event, even small ones. One team member should be designated as the Even Manager or Event Chair, and there should be several committees and subcommittees that handle such areas as venue management, speakers, entertainment, sponsors, publicity, and volunteer management.

The date of the event is usually in place when clients contract with Orphaned to Hatred. Jared Hefley says that it is critical to make sure that there is enough time to do everything that needs to be done – that there is enough “lead time,” as he calls it, to make all of the special event’s arrangements. “And you should brand the event. If there isn’t some obvious tie-in for a name, then brainstorm for an event. Think about what makes the event unique, and different from other events in that same sector.” Create a tagline and logo. Establish a master plan and never deviate from it.

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Chain of Event Command - Orphaned to Hatred

Core precepts of engineering a successful event have their start in careful organization. In the case of the charity fundraiser, the need for a chain of command becomes apparent immediately upon the successful gathering of enthusiastic volunteers. The volunteers are the heart and soul of the successful fundraiser, and without them all subsequent plans and creative ideas will die aborning.

However, there is no guarantee that even the most sincerely giving of volunteers will be capable of executing instructions accurately or on time, without an observant coordinator to keep all activities flowing smoothly. Toward this end, the Event Chairs act as the head of the organization chart, overseeing the entire event from start to completion.

Those chairing the event could be passionately inspired by the monetary needs of the charitable organization, or are hired to produce an effective and profitable fundraiser through their expertise and experience. Either way, the Event Chairs are devoted to and responsible for all facets of the events success.

Formed immediately under the Chairs and answerable to them, are the Executive Committee, made up of the heads of various committees charged with the creation of ads and programs, auction needs and execution, financing solicitation, decorations, host chairs and invitations and publicity.

Other committees may be needed to address special needs of the event, and these special needs will be determined by the event itself as they arise. Each committee chair will coordinate the volunteers for the area they oversee; or, Orphaned to Hatred can be commissioned by the organization to be in charge of all aspects of the successful event.

Purpose and Goals - Orphaned to Hatred

Orphaned to Hatred is always cognizant of the focus of fundraising: to produce money so the organization may stay alive and prosper in its efforts. However, some organizations begin the process of fundraising without an awareness of what the funds will be used for. Therefore, it is important to establish early on the purpose of the event. Once there is a directed intent for the money, an established need and direction, those who are dedicated to the cause will be even more willing to donate time and resources to produce a profit making success. Establishing a purpose for the fund raising and the money early, will help greatly in forming connections to media and publicity engines, garnering assistance in producing the publicity the organization needs. It is especially important to open a bank account for the worthy cause, should one not already exist. This gives the event a grounded focus, and establishes its charitable purpose for tax purposes.

After determining purpose, establish the ultimate goal of the event. Where will the money go? Who or what will it benefit? How much money do we wish to raise, and what is our budget for the event? Many non-profits head into the task of raising money, with a spare-no-expense mindset, thinking the funds raise will cover the costs of the presentation. This can lead to disappointment, even a no-profit disaster. Establishing a budget commiserate with the goals of the organization can assure that event plans will remain manageable and will not destroy the ultimate purpose: to produce operating funds for the worthy charitable cause.

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Location and Ticket Sales - Orphaned to Hatred

Of vital importance to the successful event is finding a suitable location for the scheduled festivities, an effort which also benefits from the use of electronic contacts. A contact list through email may be able to contribute invaluable suggestions as to a suitable venue. Perhaps it is possible to even have event space donated for the benefit or auction, saving the organization valuable funds for the charity. Possible locations for large events include wineries, schools, churches, restaurants, and even fraternal halls or auditoriums. A strong email contact list such as the resources of Orphaned to Hatred, can quickly put out the word to hundreds of contacts, and narrow down the essential search for event location. Once this decision is made and booked, then maps of the physical plant can be made, potential difficulties identified and eliminated, and a needs list of supplies can be made.

Orphaned to Hatred also handles any special permits or licenses which may be required for the event, and helps assure that methods of payment are established for accepting donations. Decisions about ticket sales, how many, prices, and advertising for ticket sales are also part of the details which Orphaned to Hatred handles for the event. Pre-event sales can be successfully promoted with 25% discounts. Prices for adults and children should be established, and ticket sales may need to be coordinated with capacity of the venue. Tickets per plate for dinner events should be coordinated with menu selections, and publicity will reflect this information clearly to invited guests.

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Matching Event Theme to Event Guests - Orphaned to Hatred

Once pre-event decisions have been set, and the budget, venue and publicity is launched, the detailed planning of the presentation’s theme, menu, décor, game and activity events, and time progression begin. These decisions will be affected, as well, by the prior considerations of audience, venue, regional and local location, purpose and budget. Orphaned to Hatred will work closely with the organization planners to determine preferences, needs, any prior planning decisions, sources of donations for raffles, auctions or prizes, and other desires or thematic considerations. A Playboy bunny chorus line is entirely inappropriate for an event benefiting an elementary or high school. An older target audience would likely not be impressed by a theme utilizing scanty or bathing suit attire. It is important to think of the audience’s comfort and pleasure in the chosen theme and activities, and Orphaned to Hatred has experience in choosing and planning these details for maximum interest and appropriateness.

Orphaned to Hatred is also aware of the need to think of gratitude from the fundraising organization to all donors and guests, and to assure that all contributors are left with an effusive expression of the thanks of the organizers for their participation. Fundraising event guests can be helped to feel special by offering thank-yous in the form of party favors. Party-themed mints and candies, personalized lollipops or especially themed cookies, even attractive and commemorative containers or tins, are valued as a reminder of the evening’s pleasures, and will leave attendees with another feel-good reason for fond memories of the organization and its purpose.

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Orphaned to Hatred - Intro to Special Effects

Orphaned to Hatred is an entertainment and event caterer that has been working in the industry for many years now. Part of their method for creating a great show and generating buzz around an event is by using special effects. Special effects are known as tricks or illusions played on the eyes, or by manipulating perception to achieve a desired effect. Special effects are most commonly used in television and film, theatre, video games, and music shows. Traditionally there were two different categories for special effects. However, with the recent introduction of digital filmmaking, a third has come into the mix.

The three categories of special effects are optical, mechanical, and visual, which usually refers to post-production digital effects. Mechanical or physical effects is the most basic of the three categories and are usually done live-action. Mechanical effects can include scenery, scale models, animatronics, props, and atmospheric effects like clouds, snow, rain, wind, and fog. Good examples of mechanical special effects include making a building glow up or a car to seem as if it is driving itself. Mechanical effects are often used in conjunction with make-up and set designs in order to create a desired effect, especially in movies and television.

Mechanical special effects today are not used nearly as much as in the past. This is partly due to the recent transition into the digital age. Now computer generated imagery is simply cheaper, faster, and more stunning, rendering a lot of mechanical effects pointless.

Orphaned to Hatred
is an entertainment service that uses special effects in their shows.
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Orphaned to Hatred - Fundraising Strategies: Be Personal

Orphaned to Hatred is a group that has been helping host and put on fund raisers for various causes and events for over twenty years now. Over that time they have developed strategies that generate some great numbers. If you are looking to improve your fundraiser and have the same success that they have, it isn’t as hard as you think. The difference between a memorable fundraiser that shatters donation goals, and ones that are dead in the water, is really all about the details. Every little thing you do can help tip the balance in your favor. One way to get the ball rolling for a fundraiser is to make everything more personal for the people you are trying to reach.

Let’s face it, getting an email about anything that doesn’t directly involve people you actually know, mostly just feels like spam. That is why it is not usually a good idea to simply send out mass emails or participate in a mass email campaign for your business. Not only can this cut into your budget, but it isn’t very effective either. The best way to attract people is by making it personal and using hand-written letters. Just by receiving something that has the care and individual attention of a hand-written letter, a person appreciates it more, and is more likely to examine the content. This can translate into better attendance and overall donations. Emails should only be used as a follow up to a hand-written letter.

Orphaned to Hatred sends hand-written letter invitation to many fundraiser guests.

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Orphaned to Hatred - Party Host Tricks

Orphaned to Hatred is an experienced caterer, event planner, and entertainment service that has been planning great parties for over twenty years. They are a service that goes above and beyond to make sure an event is a big hit. If you too want your event to rival the success of professionals, a little bit of research can go a long way. The difference between a great party and an okay party is a very thin line. Sometimes the smallest and simplest things go the longest way to create an impression on people. Making a good impression is half the battle for making a great party. One way to accomplish this in style is by getting some great lighting to set the mood.

Lighting can give a party the mood and feel it needs to really set off an event. It creates an atmosphere that people cannot help but feel. Good lighting can turn the worst stickler into a grinning party-goer in no time. Some examples of good lighting techniques includes getting candles or black lights. Depending on your theme, some lighting techniques will fit better with others. Going for a relaxed Hawaiian theme? Tiki torches are a must. Want something festive and colorful? Christmas lights can really set the mood, especially around the winter months. For a hip and faster paced party, a disco ball can give your party the electric atmosphere you were looking for.

Orphaned to Hatred is a professional catering and entertainment service that throws great parties.

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Orphaned to Hatred - Party Tips

Orphaned to Hatred is a professional party planning, catering, and entertainment service that has been operating for over twenty years now. They have been creating great parties using great fool-proof plans and strategies. If you too would like your party to experience the same kind of success that can be created by a professional, there are a few tips in this article to help you do that. Making a good party is all about associating great experiences with the event. A good party will cater to every need of the people attending it. That is why one crucial part of any party is to have good food and drinks available at all times, hot and cold.

It is no secret, people love to eat, and they love to drink. That is why your party needs to have a large supply of both. Your food should not only be easy to access, but also delicious and low-to-no maintenance. The food should also fit the atmosphere. If you want a fun party with lots of music and interactions, don’t try serving big meals like a chicken dinner. This will force people to sit down and spend a lot of time eating. After that they are likely to feel full and sleepy. This can deflate the energy at a party very quickly. That is why it is better to serve light snacks and hand-held appetizers than encourage on-the-go eating. Your drinks should also be festive and fit the theme.

Part of Orphaned to Hatred’s party success is having good food and drink.

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