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Friday, April 5, 2019

NYS ELA - Session 2

On Monday, the kids will take the second part of the NYS ELA Assessment. This part of the test requires the kids to answer 6 short answer questions and 1 essay. The short answer questions are worth 2 points a piece. In order to earn both points, the kids need to write a claim (answer the question, usually with an inference) and then prove or support their answer with 2 details from the text. This is a skill we have been working on since September. I spent time this week conferencing one-on-one with kids who were in the classroom and able to print some practice responses. The conferencing is so beneficial!

Please be sure your child has had a hearty breakfast and is ready to work to Monday!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ It's seems like the stars have aligned and we'll be able to wrap up Module 5 before Spring Break! For the first time, this past week, the kids multiplied a whole number times a mixed a number. They all did fabulous with that skill! The plan is to review Module 5 on Tuesday. Please be looking for a review to come home Tuesday night. If all goes well with the review, the assessment will be on Wednesday.

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ Our lessons next week will focus on mixed numbers. The class will learn how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers back to improper fractions. They will also be comparing mixed numbers. The week we return from Spring Break, we will spend time getting ready for the NYS Math test. The class will become familiar with the format of the test and the types of questions they will need to answer. They will also practice using the tools and answering questions on the Chromebook.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have spent the last two weeks getting introduced to fractions. We have talked about what a fraction is and how to find fraction equivalents. Over the past two weeks we have taken 2 topic quizzes you should see those at home in your child's folder. Next week we are going to begin comparing and ordering fractions. This is a concept that the kids generally struggle with, if your child is doing homework and get frustrated send me in a note and I can help them the next day. Over the next several weeks you will see some practice for the state math test come home for the kids to work on, please let your child work on this independently.


Picture Book Friday ~ Stephen did a fine job entertaining the class with Bark, George! Angelina is planning to read next Friday.

Writing ~ The kids were able to plan for the main character of their Hero's Journey fiction piece. More work to be done during the upcoming week.

Colonial America Assessment ~ Your child's assessment has been graded and returned in his/her Friday Folder. The kids had to read two different texts, pull important information to take notes, make inferences, define important vocabulary, and summarize

Selection Tests ~ Most of you will notice corrected multiple choice packets in your child's Friday Folder. During reading stations we are working on independent comprehension. In other words, the kids are independently reading short stories and aren't discussing the story with me. They aren't used to answering so many questions about one text that require the inferring that these questions do. Don't get discouraged with the grades, they are working at it. :)

Big picture


During morning stations, the kids worked in small groups to develop a plan to light multiple bulbs, carry out the plan, and then problem solve. They did great! Discovering these circuits is so much more meaningful than me teaching them how to build. We did debrief later in the afternoon to define both parallel and series circuits. Please be sure to ask your child which circuit would be ideal for a string of decorative lights!

Bathing Suits & Instruments

Kids should be prepared for swimming on Tuesday and Thursday. Instruments need to come on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!!!

Snow Gear

I am planning for kids to take their snow gear home by next Friday. Please check in with your child and make those arrangements.

Important Dates

April 8 ~ NYS ELA Assessment ~ Session 2

April 8 ~ Yearbook Orders Due

April 15-19 ~ Spring Break, No School

May 2&3 ~ NYS Math Assessment

May 21 ~ Genesee Country Museum Trip

June 24 ~ Onanda Park