The Life of Guccio Gucci

Jessie Ellis & Bree Stabler


Guccio Gucci was an extremely successful fashion designer. Although he died in 1953, his high-end fashion is still extremely popular around the world. From handbags to perfumes, Gucci could sell anything. However, all of his success didn't come overnight. In 1920, he opened his first Italian handbag shop. Throughout Italy, he became well known for his craftsmanship, and his high quality leather. He began working with UNICEF. Today Gucci has raised almost $20 million in support of the organization’s women's and children's programs in Africa and Asia. His popularity eventually skyrocketed, and his successful company won several awards. He was considered the worlds best designer, and designer of the year, in 1996. Today, although he has passed away in 1953, he is worth $20 million, and his company is still successfully designing new handbags, makeup, and clothing.

Top 10 Items

10) Bamboo daily leather flap shoulder bag- $1890

9) Suade ankle boot- $1100

8) Gucci swing leather wallet with strap- $660

7) Thin hand braded leather belt- $360

6) Gucci Swing leather coin purse- $210

5) Flora Knight Print Canvas Wheeled carry-on suitcase- $2950

4) Cosmic Deco Magnetic Color Shadow Quad- $65

3) Lusterous Glow Foundation- $65

2) necklace with heart-shaped interlocking G motif pendant- $330

1) Gucci guilty diamond eau de toilette- $104 (75ml)