Armenia Discovery Project

By: Hogan Schmitt

Armenia's Country Basics

The name our the country is Armenia. The capital is Yerevan. The meaning behind the flag is the red horizontal band it recalls the blood shed for liberty. The blue band represents the Armenia sky's and hope. The orange band represents the land and courage of the farmers who farm the land.

Geography of Armenia

Armenia is in the continent called Asia. Country's that surround Armenia are Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Major landforms in that country are the Caucasus Mountains, Lake Seven, and Mt. Aragats. Major landmarks in Armenia are Matanadaren, Geghard, and Khor Virap. Major bodies of water are Lake Seven and the Arax river. The environment has caused a lot of problems for citizens including the energy crisis in 1990.

Government in Armenia

Armenia is a Democracy government. Serzh Sargsyan is the leader. Presidential Election through voting is how the leader is chosen.

Economy in Armenia

Armenia is a poor country. Armenians use the Armenian Dram as there money. Armenia's top exports are copper ore, cars, and gold. Their main imports are petroleum gas and oil. The life expectancy is 74 years, birth rate is 13 births/1,000 population, literacy rate is 99% and the drinking water source are fresh water rivers.

Culture in Armenia

Armenian clothing is very colorful. Major languages spoken there are Armenian. Folk songs are very popular in Armenia. New Years, Christmas, etc. (Basically the same as America). Christianity is the main religion in Armenia. Home cooking is very popular. People watch football often, it is one of the most popular sports in Armenia.

Climate in Armenia

70-100's are regular temps. in Armenia. Average rainfall is about 400 mm of rain a year. Average temperatures are 70-100's. The climate affects the country because it is warm there so you can be outside a lot.

History in Armenia

In 1915, leaders of the Turkish Government set in motion plan to expel and massacre Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. There were about 2 million Armenians at the time of the massacre, and in 1920 the massacre ended killing nearly 1.5 million Armenians. Later, Turkey wanted to exterminate the whole population of Armenians.

Compare and Contrast

America's Government compares to Armenia's Government because they both have three branches Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. Armenia's main language differs form America's because Armenians speak Armenian and American's speck English. America and Armenia's main religion is mostly the same, Armenia'a main religion is Christianity as well as America. America has a lot of religions other than Christianity too.