Friday Focus

Amy Parks Heath Elementary

Rate of Forgetting

Your Hero Opportunity

After watching the video do you have a good understanding of the Rate of Forgetting? Did you forget? Well no wonder! After initial interaction with new material your rate of retention can go down to 30%! This is why repetition and interacting with new material in various ways is so important. It's important for STUDENTS and for YOU! Watch the video again...(it's only 3 min) See how much more you got the second time.

This week and probably next week too, is a time of a lot of review. Students need reminders from the start of the year- routines reviewed, procedures practiced. Be someone's hero this week and allow grace for the Rate of Forgetting.

Also-- give yourself a chance to absorb the learning tomorrow. Then be sure to set a time as a team to review the information again. The repitition is necessary to make the content stick!

This Week's Important Information

Wednesday-Principal Meeting

Thursday- Twitter Thursday / Team Leader Meeting