Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller


Mason Update:

Thank you to everyone for keeping Mason in your thoughts and prayers. He handled surgery like a little trooper, but hasn't been to happy with the affects of anesthesia and pain. I'll be home with him today as he's not well enough for daycare! If anything comes up, please feel free to call.

Important Dates:
Feb. 2nd- Policy Council Updates Due
Feb. 5th- Staff Meeting (BCESC, Room A 8a-10a)
Feb. 5th- PSIS Only Meeting at Creekside (1-3p)
Feb. 5th- TS GOLD Finalization due by midnight
Feb. 5th & 26th- Home Visits with Tony (Spanish Translator)
Feb. 11th- Fatherhood Initiative Dance (Liberty from 6:30-7:30p)
Feb. 12th- Conference Exchange Day (NO STAFF)
Feb. 15th- President's Day (NO STAFF)
Feb. 15th-May 14th- ELA Spring Administration Window
Feb. 16th- Shawnee Data Meetings (a.m.)
Feb. 22nd- Creekside Data Meetings (a.m.)
Feb. 23rd- Liberty Data Meetings (a.m.)

Weekly Schedule:


Kelly at Creekside

Stephanie at Creekside (ETR Meetings)

11:30-1:00pm- Baby Shower/Sprinkle at Creekside

**Sheila Harris' last day. We wish you well, you will be missed!**


CPI training for those invited (8-3p) Grant ELC

*Calendars, Request for Leave forms, and Mileage (see below for instructions) are due!*


Jenny Lamb- no coverage needed


Floating IA (a.m. only)- Regina Brookshire
Lydia Wheatley- no coverage needed

Jessica McIntyre- no coverage



A huge shout-out to Nancy, Vanessa, Nicolle, Creekside PTO, and the Creekside custodial staff for your support in setting up, preparing material, and sharing information about our program. Stephanie and I appreciate your support in this endeavor.

A huge shout-out to the building principals and secretaries for helping us spread the word about our information session to your student body! We had a successful turn-out!!!



Mileage Reminder-

Please refer to the e-mail from Andrea Price. Any mileage accumulated in December must be recorded on the December mileage form at a rate of $.575. All January mileage must be recorded on the new mileage form at a rate of $.54. Please double check this. Any incorrect forms cannot be submitted!

Calendar Completion:
Please make sure you indicate the following on your calendars....
1/15- "NC"
1/18- "H + #" for staff that have paid holiday contracts or "NC" for those that don't
1/20- "C + #" for calamity day
Please let me know if you have any questions!