Las Vegas ,Nevada

By:Evelyn Montoya

Las Vegas facts

My dream vacation is Las Vegas ,Nevada . My destination is located in Nevada. I want to visit this place to have a great time at Los casinos. I just want to go to las Vegas because I really want to play the casinos.

10 interesting facts

  • To play on the casinos
  • To go to the big city's
  • Go dancing to the fountain
  • The pyramid shaped,Luxor and the venetian
  • Have fun guiding bike tour
  • Going 3 days tour of grand canyon, Bryce cayon & Zion national park
  • Bellagio gallery of fine art
  • A parody at Bally's hotel and casino
  • Flight by sky combat ace
  • The beauties at planet Hollywood resort

My travel

How long will my destination take to get there 20 hr and 14min. How far away is it from Willis, Texas from las Vegas, Nevada 1,405.6 miles. I only want to take my 2 friends with me. Will go by plane . will last a week if much .


We are going to stay on the Tl- Treasure island hotel & casino. The hotel is not that spensive and it has a fashion show nail Toma's and Marck center.All I need to pack is a lot of extra clothes heels, hair accessories, and make up and all what a girl needs.


My trip will cost about $ 5,000. The loading cost $87.00 per night and I would be staying 6 night's. And that all = $522.00. And I only spended $1029.20 for all. The food costs $20.00 or less .

My airfare is Delta, and that costs $487.20.


I go to have fun with my friends. To go to a fashion show mall . And unique opportunity does las Vegas have are the pools, museums , and golfs.