cheif justice john marshall

marbury vs. maddison


-a judge was appointed by Madison a few days before he was stepping down as president.

-Marbury sues Madison over the judge he appointed.

-the importance of this case is that he can get laws ratified.

Fletcher vs. peck


- This court case decided that the precedent is legal for contracts

-it made it so Native Americans don’t have the right to hold land

-the importance of this case is that it established that a legislature can repeal or change acts of a legislature, but it could not invalidate a previously contract.

Martin vs. hunter


-the state of Virginia made it legal to confiscate loyalist land.

- they had no right to overrule a state's ruling of a treaty without consent

- the significance of this case is that

Cohen’s vs. Virginia


- The operation of a lottery in the District of Columbia. The Cohen brothers proceeded to sell D.C. lottery tickets in the state of Virginia which was agnsed state law.

- Marshall declared the lottery ordinance a local matter

- In a unanimous decision the Court held that the Supreme Court had to review state criminals

Dartmouth vs. Woodward

- 1816

-The New Hampshire legislature wanted to change Dartmouth a collage that was a privately funded institution into a state university.

-that all collages have to be state university

- The decision increased the power of the federal government over the states

McCullullogh vs. Maryland


-it was a tax that was put on all bank notes that were going into Maryland

- McCullullogh vs. Maryland established the a act that Incorporated Subscribers of Bank of the States

-a broad interpretation of the necessary and proper clause was the significance of this case