Ancient Rome Government

Written By Alyssa & Kendra

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Rome's Location & Government Structure

Ancient Rome was a large city in Italy, which is located in Europe. The Romans decided they wanted a tripartite government, which is made up of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Each branch had equal power.

Three Branches of Ancient Rome Government


The executive branch of Ancient Rome's ran the government. It was comprised of two consuls, who led Rome's executive branch by commanding the army, and directed the rest of the government. Their term was only one year long, and they were unable to run again for ten years.


The legislative branch of Ancient Rome's government made the laws. It was consisted of a senate, and the assemblies. The senate was made up of three hundred patricians who advised the leaders of Rome.


The judicial branch oversaw courts and governed provinces. There were eight judges who served for one year.

Patricians & Plebians


The patricians were wealthy landowners who held the highest positions in government, such as consuls and senators.


Everyone who wasn't a wealthy landowner was a plebeian. They were able to vote, but could not hold important positions in the government. This made them very unhappy, because patricians could change the laws without any of the plebeians knowing, which made them very upset with the patrician leaders. This is what led to the creation of the Twelve Tables.

More Information

U.S. Rome Comparison

There are many similarities and differences between Rome and U.S. government. They both have a tripartite government, with an executive, legislative, and judicial branch. Also, they both have a senate. A few differences are that Rome's senate consisted of three hundred senators, while our senate is only comprised of one hundred. Also, the Roman government was led by two consuls who only served for one term of one year, while the U.S. government is led by one president who is able to serve for eight years total, if they are re - elected to serve another term.

Greece Rome Comparison

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome are alike and different in a few ways. Both government systems were eventually set up so their citizens were able to vote for their leaders. Although while Romans had one government throughout the city, Greece had multiple types of government, with different types in each city - state. Also, Ancient Rome had a tripartite government, while Ancient Greece did not.

Rome Influenced our Government By...

Rome has influenced our government in a quite a few ways. They were one of the first to have a tripartite government, and they had the same branches of government that we have today. They also had a senate, which we have as well, and assemblies, which started the idea of the house of representatives.