Solar Panels

By: Hally, Calvin, and Sean.

How we would Implement and get approval. By: Sean

We can hire the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) to install the solar panels.

We need permission to install solar panels.

The money envoled. By: Hally

  • Square foot at CMSW: 161,802

  • Cost to install solar Panels: Between $7-$9 per watt.

  • Cost per square foot: $70-$90.

  • Watts per square foot: 10 watts.

  • Cost for our school with solar panels: $12,944,160 ($80 x 161,802)

  • Current electricity bill per year: $1,030,933

  • Electric bill with solar panels: $12,944,160. But it will start decreasing over a couple of years.

Pro and Cons. By: Calvin



*easy to install

*doesn't take up much space


*Can freeze and crack

*hail storms can break it

*thunderstorms can strike it

*very expensive

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How Solar Energy Panels Work