How Impactful Are they?

Assessments are about the Students

Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students. Our reason for assessing students should be grounded in our commitment to use the information collected in a way that helps us generate greater success for our students Lopez, (2013).

In what ways have you succeeded/failed to make students your partner in assessment?

As an educator I believe in the accuracy of effective assessments, the data that is driven from that tool gives me the greatest opportunity to plan for my student, based on his/her strengths and areas of need. The assessments help guide my thinking as I look at my students through a more intense angle of development. Furthermore, the assessments supports me in implementing appropriate practices. The use of assessment help improves my instruction as I cultivate my students into countless opportunities of learning.

Defending Our Assessment Practices

  1. Why are you participating in the assessments that you use with students? I'm participating in the assessments that are used for my student because the data helps me to plan my instruction based on the needs and strengths of the students in my class.
  2. Can you share in explicit detail the value that you find in each assessment? I find much value in assessments because it allows me to look at my students in a different lens, which will add to my instruction and the materials that I offer my students. Assessments give me an opportunity to share findings with parents as I create and maintain a solid partnership with families.
  3. Do you participate in assessments that you find no value in for students? No I don't participate in meaningless assessment just for the sake of research; I feel that every tool used in and out the classroom should bring full value to the student and be resourceful to the teacher as he/she perfects their Teaching Instruction and practice.
  4. Are you using an assessment you have no idea how to deliver, but are afraid to ask for help with? No, all of the assessments that I use, I have a great understanding of them all.