Heaven is for Real

Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

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Setting: Hospital, and the Burpo household

Major and minor characters: Colton, Colton's dad: Todd, Colton's mom: Sonja, Colton's sister: Cassie, people from the church, Norma: Colton's babysitter


In the book, Colton Burpo experiences a near death expirence. Colton claims he died and went to Heaven, and he brings back many stories that he would have never known of. He told his mom that he saw his sister, a baby that his mom miscarriage. He told his dad about his great grandfather who die when his dad was about thirteen. His dad, a pastor, was having a hard time understanding all of this. How he claims he went to Heaven, how he tells these stories, and how he can basically put terms in the Bible in a kid deffintion. Colton also explains how God and Jesus look like. He also said that he saw everything in Heaven. He also said that there are many colors in Heaven and that it never becomes dark, that it's always bright. The book is very interesting. I finished it all in one day. When you start to read this book, you never want to put it down.

Todd and Colton

About the Movie

The movie came out on April 10, 2014. The movie is just like the book; except that the book describes more and has more depth to it. In the movie, Todd Burpo is played by Greg Kinnear. Sonja Burpo is played by Kelly Reilly. Colton Burpo is played by Connor Corum. Cassie Burpo is played by Lane Styles.
Connor Courm: Colton
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