Sycolin Creek Chronicle

November Edition

Principal's Corner

Dear Parents and Students,

It has been an incredible month at Sycolin Creek! Without a doubt, one of the biggest highlights of the year, has been our SCES Book Bus. School staff has loved having the opportunity to visit our neighborhoods to get physical books in the hands of our students. Keep on reading Salamanders and the Book Bus will be back in a neighborhood near you on Monday, November 9th.

Another highlight of the month was the return of our kindergarten through second grade hybrid students on Tuesday, October 27th. Our hallways, classrooms and cafeteria haven't been this busy in seven months! It felt like the first day of school and we loved seeing all of the students' mask covered faces. We have truly missed our Sycolin Creek Salamanders.

In addition to the highlights, I would also like to share how much we appreciate and commend our students for their continued hard work and dedication to their academics. The faculty and I have been so impressed with our students' ability to problem solve, be flexible, learn new programs, and adjust to a new learning environment, all while doing it with a smile. We are very fortunate to work with such supportive families and I have confidence that the rest of the year will be just as successful.

Parents, if you have not had the opportunity to join our PTA, which works tirelessly to provide many activities for our students throughout the year, we would love to have you as a member. Please contact the office or visit the PTA Website for more information about joining the PTA. Thank you for your consideration.


Derek Racino

Federal Impact Aid Funds

We are happy to share that this fall’s Impact Aid survey process will no longer involve sending a pink Parent-Pupil Survey form home with each LCPS student - or potentially mailing this year, in light of the current distance learning environment. This year, on November 2, all LCPS parents/guardians will receive an email that will facilitate the completion of the Impact Aid survey via Permission Click.

The purpose of this form is to assure that Loudoun County will receive all permissible Federal Impact Aid Funds. Loudoun is eligible to receive Impact Aid Funds (titled Public Law 81-874) if either parent (or guardian) is on active duty in the uniformed services, or if either parent (or guardian) is working on federally owned property located in Virginia. Individuals working on federally owned property located in Virginia may be employed by private businesses and/or contractors as well as the federal government. Since these funds are used to support public education, receiving them will help reduce the amount of local taxes needed to provide an education for your children. It is our purpose to see that Loudoun County receives its share of the money that federal laws make available.

You can help us by:

Completing one form for each school child in the family.

Your help in completing and returning this form will benefit all Loudoun County residents.

PTA Math Challenge

Congratulations to some of our top Challengers for the month of October!

5th Grade – Henry Kutch & Dhruv Shome

4th Grade – Ronan Karhuse & Tanish Aimreddy

3rd Grade – Danyal Bukhari & Emma Okpych

2nd Grade – Kevin Kennedy & Reed Whipple

1st Grade – Arth Shome & Noah Hanley

Kindergarten – Carson Westlake & Olive Okpych

There are 13 challenges remaining for this school year. Remember – everyone who participates in at least 12 challenges will be recognized at the end of the year!

Music News

In October, we worked on songs for Veterans Day, which will be celebrated through a special Virtual Veterans Day Video. Thank you for sending in pictures, artwork and poetry. Fourth and fifth graders studied treble clef pitches and the fifth grade started playing recorders, while third graders focused on reading rhythms. Kindergarten and first grade has been singing and focusing on steady beat and second graders have been singing and reading rhythms using quarter notes, quarter rests and eighth notes. Everyone has been studying tempo words and listening to music of the Romantic period, focusing on Edvard Grieg.

In November, fifth graders will continue using their recorders and reviewing word-wall words. Fourth graders will be focusing on major and minor scales and singing in tune. Third graders will be focusing on rhythms and singing in tune. Third through fifth graders will also be reviewing major and minor. First and second graders will be focusing on rhythms and singing in tune. Kindergarten will be practicing steady beat and using their singing voice. Everyone will be experiencing the music of Libby Larsen.

Our Rock Star Music Classes for October are:

Kindergarten - Mrs. Wajsgras

First Grade - Mrs. Diehl

Second Grade - Mrs. Reynolds

Third Grade - Mrs. Parr

Fourth Grade - Mrs. Davis

Fifth Grade - Mrs. Dickinson

Star Salamander Students for the month of October in P.E.

Congratulations to the PE Star Salamanders for the month of October 2020

Kindergarten - Caleb Street & Allison Heller

First Grade - Brodie Develli & Emma Turner

Second Grade - Myles Tomlinson & Ashley Frese

Third Grade - John Fitzpatrick & Brooklynn Rose

Fourth Grade - Reed Scruggs & Claire FitzGerald

Fifth Grade - Bryce Powell & Peyton Roberts

The Star Salamander Classes for the month of October are: Mrs. Hermens (4th grade) and Mrs. Wajsgras (Kindergarten).

Art News and Star Salamanders

We have made it to the end of the first nine weeks, Yay! For all of you that have been helping your students from behind the scenes navigate distance learning, I thank you for all the help. This has been a learning experience for us all.

As we continue into the next nine weeks I will be putting out a new choice board. Students will need to finish three completed works from the board by the end of this new nine week period.

I am asking that students continue to upload their work. It has been a great visual guide to how they are improving. I will also help with uploading work for students that are in the building.

Star Art Classes for October are:

Kindergarten - Ms. Hutchings

First Grade - Mrs. Luke

Second Grade - Ms. Kulak

Third Grade - Mrs. Donnally

Fourth Grade - Mrs. Forrester

Fifth Grade - Mrs. Trainor

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Bennett

Virtual Family Science Night is Coming to our School

The PTA is pleased to announce that the Children’s Science Center is bringing their virtual Family Science Night program to Sycolin Creek Elementary School on November 17th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Family Science Night is designed to help encourage students’ interest in STEM subjects, develop students’ curiosity in everyday life situations and demonstrate how much fun STEM can be! Join the team of STEM Educators along with your school community as they bring the Lab to life from the comfort of your home. Learn about energy, technology, animals and much more! We hope to see you there!

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Kids Heart Challenge

Last February, our school participated in the Kids Heart Challenge Event. We have received all of our prizes, and they are bagged and ready for you to pick up at Sycolin Creek ES. If your student is a hybrid K-2 student, their prizes are in their classroom, and they will be bringing them home when they return to school. I have also attached siblings’ prizes together. If you are a distance learning student, or a hybrid 3-5 student and won prizes like a jump rope, kickball, t-shirt, or more, you may stop by the main office to pick up your student's prizes. Call the main office ahead of time, they will work with the PE staff to locate your prize, and have it ready for you.


Ms. Brown and Mr. Armstrong

Functional Fitness Challenge for 4th and 5th Graders

Hello Fourth and Fifth Grade Parents!

This year fourth and fifth graders will perform five Functional Fitness Challenges instead of our VA Wellness Tests. These challenges are not standards based and there is no passing score. The students will receive a fall score for each test, set a goal to try to improve their score during the winter, and take a final spring assessment. We will record a fall and spring score for each fourth and fifth grade student this year. These Challenges should be performed anytime at home with parental guidance. The students have practiced these tests during two live PE classes. Please help your child perform the tests, as needed, remind them to write down their scores on our note sheet, or a piece of paper, and follow up that they completed the Functional Fitness Challenges Google Form recording sheet. The Google Form will send their scores to their PE teachers, Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Brown. Below is where you can find the information you need to know about the five Functional Fitness Challenges.

These documents are linked below and will also be in your child's PE Schoology page in both the blue and green folders.

Hit control then click...

Functional Fitness Challenges Google Form Link

Here are the Functional Fitness Challenges Google Slides with the Demonstration and Testing Videos, and more information about the tests.

Functional Fitness Challenges Slides of Demonstrations, Test Videos, and More

This is an optional Google Doc for you to save your scores until you have all your final scores. It also has links for the How to Perform the Challenge, Test Videos, and the Google Form recording sheet.

Functional Fitness Challenges Google Doc Note Sheet - optional to use to keep track of your scores

Functional Fitness Challenges Note Sheet

Functional Fitness Challenges Note Sheet *This is a sheet you can use to keep track of your scores. When you have all your scores finished, then put your scores into this Google Form Recording Sheet for Ms. Brown and Mr. Armstrong. Student’s First and Last Name: ________________________________...

Thank you for helping your child complete their Functional Fitness Challenges.


Jenica Brown and Bryon Armstrong

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News from SEARCH

During the month of November, SEARCH will continue to be asynchronous for students in grades K-2. These students will use their Reasoning and Connecting Keys to solve some riddles during a lesson. Kindergarten students will also explore their creativity with a lesson focused on the book, The Greedy Triangle. First graders will also use their Creative Thinking Key with a lesson titled, "Bubble Bonanza". Second grade students will use logical thinking and deductive reasoning in a Thanksgiving Sudoku lesson. Third grade students will continue to have synchronous lessons. During one of our November lessons, 3rd grade students will learn to solve logic matrices.

Don't forget to check the Enrichment folder in students' SEARCH Schoology course for additional challenges and resources. Please email me at with any questions or concerns.

Report Card Reminders for 2020-21

Report cards and special education progress reports will be available electronically through ParentVUE on Monday, November 9th. For the 2020-21 school year, all LCPS elementary schools will not be sending home paper report cards. All report cards will be available electronically through ParentVUE.

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